New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham Freed 700 Convicts from Prison In Two Years

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) helped free 700 convicts in the state’s prison system in the last roughly two years, a new ad from Republican Mark Ronchetti details.

While locking down New Mexicans in the middle of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Grisham signed an executive order in April 2020 that allowed her to easily free hundreds of convicts from state prison under the guise of slowing the spread of the virus.

As a result, Grisham freed about 700 convicts from state prison from April 2020 up until last month. Ronchetti, Grisham’s gubernatorial opponent, released an ad detailing the massive jailbreak agenda — noting that one of the convicts freed by Grisham was involved in the largest fentanyl bust in American history.

“The FBI just had its biggest fentanyl bust in history … the gang told the FBI they were in New Mexico because of our weak laws,” the Ronchetti ad states:

That’s the Lujan Grisham record. The prison population is down 20 percent since she took office. [Emphasis added]

And she personally ordered the release of hundreds of dangerous criminals — even released one of the gang members busted by the FBI … no wonder criminals choose New Mexico. [Emphasis added]

Others released early from prison by Grisham include those convicted for robbery, extreme cruelty to animals, and drug dealing, KOAT7 Action News reports. Grisham’s office told the local outlet that nine of the 700 released convicts went on to commit more crimes.

When Ronchetti’s ad began airing last week, Grisham quickly rescinded the executive order allowing her to easily release convicts from prison.

The latest revelation comes as a new poll of about 400 likely New Mexico voters shows Grisham and Ronchetti statistically tied in the gubernatorial race, which takes place on November 8.

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