Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) declared a “state of emergency” Friday due to a surge of illegal immigrants, a situation that he said is “not sustainable.”

Well, gee, if bwig, stwong New York City can’t handle thousands of illegal immigrants, how do we think these small border towns are doing with tens of thousands of illegals, a total of five million since Joe Biden opened the border?

The best part is that most of these illegals arriving in New York City are arriving on buses sent from Texas.

Why not?

Texas is not a sanctuary state. But New York has declared itself a sanctuary city. So isn’t this the way it should be? New York wants illegal aliens to find sanctuary there. Texas does not. So, here you go, says Texas.

I like it.

I like it a lot.

In his emergency order, Adams promises to safely house illegal immigrants and to be there to “welcome them, stay with them, and hear their stories.”

Primarily, the executive order requires the city services to coordinate efforts to construct housing for these illegals, which includes “suspending land-use requirement to expedite this process.”

Far-left Axios reports that New York “has received an average of five to six buses per day since September … with at least nine arriving on Thursday.”

Nine buses on Thursday!

Go Texas!

Axios adds that Texas has spent $12 million bussing illegals out of the Lone Star state. Meanwhile: “New York City expects to spend $1 billion by the end of the fiscal year on helping the asylum seekers find long-term shelter and health care.”

Texas is looking out for its citizens. Spending $12 million to save a billion sounds like pretty effective governing to me.

Adams says, “We have not asked for this.”


You did ask for it. The moment you pompously declared yourself a sanctuary city, you asked for it. And now you’re getting it. And you’re getting it good. And you deserve to get it more. Much more…

So here’s my question…

Why doesn’t Adams do for legal citizens of New York — who cannot find safe and affordable housing — what he’s doing for illegal aliens who should all be deported and have no business in our country?

What I mean is…

Why do illegal aliens receive all this government largesse, funding, and suspension of regulations to expedite their housing needs?

And as New York absorbs these illegals, what does Adams think that will do to housing costs for legal New York citizens when those costs are already out of control?

Well, we already know the answer. The answer is that people like Adams and AOC don’t care about housing Americans. They don’t like Americans; which is why they are looking to replace us with illegal aliens.

Affordable housing is a major crisis all across the country. Adams, Biden, and the Democrats continue to deliberately exacerbate this housing crisis by flooding the country with millions of illegals. After all, these illegals must live somewhere, no?

But look at who New York City rolls out the red carpet for. Look who gets the emergency housing declaration. Look who gets the suspension of housing regulations. Look who’s ensured a safe place to live. Not New Yorkers. Not Americans. No, it’s only illegal aliens who enjoy these benefits.

Keep voting for Democrats, idiots.

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