Nolte: GOP Leads in 25 of 30 Most Recent Generic Ballot Polls

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With less than a week before Election Day, the Republican party is ahead of the groomers in the Democrat party in 25 of the last 30 generic ballot polls.

Look at all that red, baby!

The five outliers represent only two pollsters: the far-left Politico and Economist/YouGov. Currently, Economist/YouGov has everything tied up 49 to 49 percent. In their previous poll, the GOP was down 45 to 49 percent, so that’s a four-point gain for Republicans in one week.

The clowns at Politico had Democrats up five points last week and have Democrats up five points again this week. I don’t think Politico polls. They just release polls showing Democrats in the lead.

In the RealClearPolitics poll of polls, the GOP is up by an average of three points., 47.9 to 44.9 percent.

History informs us that Democrats need to be at least three points ahead in this poll not to lose seats, so this tells you what’s coming.

The good news is that His Fraudulency Joe Biden is holding a get-out-the-vote rally for Republicans Wednesday night. After his first “democracy in danger” speech backfired, the dummy probably figured, Hey, why not one more?

Go #PedoHitler!

All the momentum is with the GOP, and all the Democrats can come up with is having Biden give yet another speech that proves Democrats don’t care even a little bit about what matters to everyday Americans: the economy, inflation, illegal immigration, violent crimes, and grooming perverts taking over public education.

Currently, RCP predicts the GOP will pick up a net of four U.S. Senate seats. If this holds true, come Election Night, U.S. Senate groomers will be unseated in Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Georgia. Republicans will also hold all their U.S. Senate seats, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

In the governor’s races, RCP predicts the GOP will pick up five: Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, and Oregon. Democrats losing Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon is a massive fail.

In the U.S. House, RCP sees a GOP swamp of anywhere from 15 to 45 pickups.

All the momentum is with the GOP, and the only hope the Democrats and their fake media have is to try and hoax voters into believing a Berkeley nudist and illegal alien who lives in a hippie commune — complete with gay flags and Black Lives Matter banners — is some sort of MAGA assassin with the Jason Bourne skills to get through all of Nancy Pelosi’s home security.

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