Exclusive – Donald Trump Jr. Reacts to Twitter Files: Not a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ but a True ‘Conspiracy’ Between Big Tech, Federal Law Enforcement

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

It’s not a conspiracy “theory,” but a true “conspiracy” that big tech and federal law enforcement have been coordinating together to police conservative viewpoints, said Donald Trump Jr., reacting to the recently revealed “Twitter Files” in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s annual AmericaFest conference this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Every conspiracy theory has about a six-month window, and then we realize it wasn’t actually a conspiracy theory, it was actually just a conspiracy by big tech with the highest echelons of American law enforcement,” Trump Jr. said in reaction to files revealing the FBI had colluded with Twitter executives to censor conservative voices.

“That should scare everyone,” he added.

Trump Jr. continued:

I think the FBI — rather than every article I read about, about someone shooting up a school, saying, “Well, he was on our radar” — maybe if the 80 people were actually doing law enforcement rather than policing memes and conservative accounts, maybe we wouldn’t be reading about these things after the fact as tragedies. Maybe they’d actually prevent something for a change, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

“It’s a disgrace what’s going on, but all the things that we’ve been saying yet again turned out to be true, whether it was Twitter themselves shadowbanning, colluding, I know I was one of the people that they wanted to eliminate,” he said.

Trump Jr. went on to say that Twitter has lied to the American people, adding, “And, frankly, they lied before Congress.”

“They’ll get away with it, because they’re Democrats,” he added. “If I had lied before Congress in my 50 hours of testimony for nonsense — also made up, and I’m sure we’ll find out more about that in the not-too-distant future in the Russia Russia Russia hoax — I imagine I wouldn’t be given the same benefit of the doubt.”

Watch the full interview below:

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

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