Illegal Alien Gets Life in Prison for Murdering Legal Immigrant Who Exposed $3.5M Illegal Hiring Scheme

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An illegal alien has been sentenced to life in federal prison without parole for murdering a legal immigrant who blew the whistle on a $3.5 million illegal hiring scheme in Savannah, Georgia, that was operated by illegal aliens from Mexico.

Juan Rangel-Rubio, a 46-year-old illegal alien, was sentenced to life in prison for shooting Eliud Montoya, a legal immigrant who became a naturalized American citizen, in an execution-style murder-for-hire in 2017.

“Eliud Montoya was murdered for doing the right thing and revealing Juan Rangel-Rubio’s scheme to profit off his use of undocumented workers,” United States Attorney Jill Steinberg said in a statement. “As a result of the diligent efforts … Juan Rangel-Rubio will be held accountable for his despicable crimes.”

As Breitbart News first reported in late 2018, Mexican illegal aliens Juan Rangel-Rubio, Pablo Rangel-Rubio, and Higinio Perez-Bravo had been indicted for operating a massive, 10-year illegal hiring scheme wherein they employed at least 100 illegal aliens for Wolf Tree, a tree service company.

The three illegal aliens hired illegal aliens and gave them stolen Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of American citizens to fraudulently bypass U.S. labor laws. The three illegal aliens would also conceal the illegal alien hires by taking their paychecks, cashing them, and paying the hires in cash while skimming money from their checks.

Alarmed by what the three illegal aliens were doing, Montoya, in April 2017, contacted the tree service company to report what they were doing. A copy of Montoya’s complaint was handed over to Pablo Rangel-Rubio.

Then, in August 2017, Montoya contacted the federal government to report the scheme. After finding out about the call to federal officials, Pablo Rangel-Rubio arranged for the legal immigrant’s murder — paying Perez-Bravo to drive Juan Rangel-Rubio to Montoya’s residence.

In October 2022, Juan Rangel-Rubio was found guilty of shooting Montoya to death, while Perez-Brown and Pablo-Rangel-Rubio pleaded guilty in April 2022 for their roles in the murder-for-hire and illegal hiring scheme.

While Juan Rangel-Rubio serves a life sentence, Pablo Rangel-Rubio is serving a nearly 50-year prison sentence and Perez-Bravo is serving 20 years.

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