Donald Trump Buys Everyone Pizza at Pizza Parlor After Fort Myers Speech

Former President Donald Trump receives his order at Downtown House of Pizza after speaking at the Lee County Republican dinner in Fort Myers, Fla., Friday, April 21, 2023. (AP Photo/Chris Tilley
AP Photo/Chris Tilley

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise stop at Downtown House of Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida, and greeted his supporters and bought them pizza after giving a speech at the Lee County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

Trump was joined by Florida Rep. Byron Donalds (R), who recently endorsed Trump and also spoke at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

Workers at the pizza parlor were only given a 45-minute notice before Trump and the large crowd of supporters showed up, NBC2’s Kyla Galer reported. 

Videos of Trump’s appearance at the pizza parlor were quickly uploaded to social media. One video shows Trump at the cash register with each worker behind the counter holding their phones to record the former president. 

Trump shook his supporters’ hands and posed with photos for some, videos show. 

“Enjoy the pizza,” Trump told the crowd.

After handing out pizza slices to his supporters, Trump took a bite out of one slice and joked, “Does anybody want a piece that I’ve eaten?”

“‘A lot of politicians have been put out of business for eating pizza with a fork,’ Trump said as he assured people he doen’t use a fork,” CNN’s Kate Sullivan tweeted.

The crowd started several chants while Trump was at the pizza shop, including, “we love Trump!”

Video shows another chant of “USA” that broke out within the pizza shop.

Others in the crowd were heard shouting, “thank you, Mr. President.”


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