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Robot-Produced Artisanal Pizza Now Deliverable in Under 4 Minutes

Based out of Silicon Valley, Zume Pizza uses robots to produce freshly-baked, artisanal pizza. With their new van, which contains on-board ovens, they can deliver their pizza to customers as quickly as four minutes after it was ordered.

Internet rumours that swirled around a pizza restaurant in Washington became a shocking case study in the dangers of the growing prevalence of "fake news"

Italy Running Out of Pizza Makers

There is nothing more characteristically Italian than pizza, and yet Italy is suffering from a dramatic drop in pizza makers, with young Italians less and less interested in the trade. Now it is estimated that more than 2 out of every 5 pizza makers are foreigners, and there are some 6,000 vacant posts for pizza makers in the country’s restaurants.

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Pope Francis Gets Pizza Delivery Aboard Popemobile

The pizza makers of Neapolitan Pizzeria Don Ernesto decided the Pope deserved a specially personalized pizza, whether he had ordered it or not. The ingenious baker jumped over the makeshift barrier lining the route of the papal entourage and ran up to the Popemobile, handing the pizza to Pope Francis, while his comrades got the whole scene on video.


Pope Francis Receives Pizza Delivery Riding in the Popemobile

NAPLES, Italy, March 23 (UPI) — A Naples, Italy, pizzeria owner jumped a barrier during Pope Francis’ visit and ran up to the Popemobile to hand off a pizza to the pontiff. The pope told a Vatican Radio interview earlier