Great American Cleanup Showcases the ‘Real Border’: Major Crossing Point Has Ladder, Texas Tent

John Rourke

The Great American Cleanup in Brownsville, Texas, took place this week, and John Rourke, owner of Blue Line Moving, showcased some of his findings, which included a major crossing point adorned with a Texas flag tent and ladder.

Every year on September 11, Rourke heads to the southern border for what has been dubbed the “Great American Cleanup.” This year, he and his team went to Brownsville, Texas, picking up trash on the border. But while doing so, they ran into what appeared to be a “major crossing point” for illegal migrants coming over the border.

Across the river are what he described as “several thousand” people living in tents, presumably waiting to cross the border illegally. But stunningly, it appears someone on the U.S. side made it much easier for them. Rourke showcases the Texas flag tent on the U.S. side, also showing that someone pulled back the wire and created a path for easier crossing. Perhaps what is more, there is an extendable ladder there to assist illegals in their crossing.

Texas Tent Welcoming Migrants, John Rourke/Blue Line Moving

“You got Texas DPS sitting back there in the car behind us. Take a look at this. They got a ladder here of course. They do have a full extension ladder,” he said. “They’re coming up right through this pathway here, leaving all their trash, obviously, There’s just, I mean, there’s just tons of trash down there.”

“And they come through here, climb up, up the ladder through the opening and the concertina wire and into America they come. So, you can see over there, the crossing point on the other side of the river is right over there. So they just come right down in there. Swim across, climb up the ladder, and boom away into the United States they come,” he said.

Razor wire at border, John Rourke/Blue Line Moving

“They have a nice little tent set up for here. We got to make it obvious. We got to make it as comfortable as possible for them. These poor illegal aliens that are coming into our country,” he said sarcastically.

“I don’t have a tent. Take a look at my shirt. It’s soaking wet,” he said, ringing out his shirt of sweat

“That’s my sweat from picking up all their damn trash. And we’re giving them, rolling out the freaking welcome mat for them to come out. Is there anything else that we could possibly do as a country for them? Do you want me to swim across and start bringing them across?” he asked, emphasizing that the U.S. is making it easy as possible for illegal migrants to cross the border.

“I mean this ladder, the opening of the concertina wire, a tent, I mean, we ought to put a La-Z-Boy recliner in there with a TV and some freaking popcorn. Disgusting guys. This is in every border town. Every single border town,” he said, emphasizing that “you don’t see legacy media ever, ever show you any of this.”

“They’re in the same spots every single time. They show you the same thing over and over again. This is the real border. This is what’s really happening down here. Brownsville, Texas. Tents, ladders, concertina wire pulled apart, hardworking Americans picking up illegal aliens trash and just sweating it up. Sweating it up for them. Unbelievable guys. It’s got to end,” he added.

Another video shows Rourke and his team moving the ladder.

“This is the ladder into America,” he said. “No more. We’re not making it easy to be hard for them. This ladder is gone.”

WATCH– Illegal Immigrants’ Ladder Found at Southern Border REMOVED

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Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News


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