Rep. Steve Scalise Endorses Republican AG Jeff Landry for Lousiana Governor

Steve Scalise and Jeff Landry

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) on Thursday endorsed Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry for Louisiana governor.

The House majority leader offered his formal endorsement, identifying the upcoming election as “one of the most important elections of our time.”

“We need a Governor with the courage, vision, and proven track record of standing up for our families. We need someone who will finally get our state moving in the right direction. I know that Jeff Landry is that leader,” Scalise said in a statement.

“I’m proud to call Jeff Landry a friend. Shoulder to shoulder, we served in Congress and fought for this state and our shared values. As Attorney General, Jeff Landry took on FEMA, fought back against big government, and protected our jobs and our way of life,” he continued, deeming Landry a “good man who I trust to fix the very real problems we’re all facing.”

“Problems like crime, education, and skyrocketing insurance costs. That’s why I am proud to be voting for Jeff Landry,” Scalise added.

Landry thanked Scalise, deeming the congressman a “champion for Louisiana,” adding, “we are honored and humbled to have his endorsement.”

“This election is a pivotal time for our State and a real opportunity to put Louisiana on the right path. I look forward to working closely with Steve to fix our insurance crisis, restore law and order in our communities, and protect our children,” he added.

During a July discussion on Breitbart News Saturday, Landry predicted that a “critical mass” of GOP governors will help restore America, making it great again.

“When we have a critical mass of governors who believe in the same philosophy: freedom, liberty, independence, and less government, you know, a balanced approach to being sure that when we balance Wall Street and Main Street, America can go back to being great again,” Landry said.


More recently, Landry promised as governor that he would make constitutional carry a reality in Louisiana.

“The current Gov. of this state has vetoed constitutional carry, but we’re going in and passing that,” he said.


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