Donald Trump: Child Sexual Mutilation Will Be ‘Banned’ in My Administration

Donald Trump
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Former President Donald Trump said during a campaign stop in Derry, New Hampshire, this week that child sexual mutilation in the name of “gender-affirmation” will be “banned” in a Trump administration, earning praise from high-profile congressional supporters like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

“Under a Trump administration, gasoline-powered engines will be allowed but child sexual mutilation will be banned,” Trump said to applause.

“Can you imagine having to say that?” he asked. “Can you imagine 15 years ago … somebody up here running for office and he said, ‘We’re gonna ban child sexual mutilation.’ People would say, ‘Is this guy crazy? Of course.’ Or, ‘We’re going to give parental rights back in our schools.’ Who would who would think they’d take it away?” he continued, earning praise from the likes of Rep. Greene, who has pushed her bill designed to protect children from such mutilation.

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“President @realDonaldTrump says he will ban child genital mutilation which is exactly what my bill Protect Children’s Innocence Act will do by making child gender affirming care a FELONY!” she exclaimed. “And protecting gas powered engines is GREAT too! Thank you President Trump!”

The congresswoman highlighted her bill during a press call this week promoting her upcoming book MTG as well, expressing disappointment at some of her colleagues who claim to be Christian but are unwilling to support the measure.

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“And it’s our children. The most innocent, innocent people among us have been targeted and sexualized in such a perverse way. And I think these transgender surgeries on kids is one of the worst things happening today. And that’s why it’s a really important bill to me,” Greene said, adding that she is “completely shocked and very disappointed in some of the biggest conservatives in the House, who profess to be Christians themselves, who are unwilling to support” the bill.

She continued:

They claim, they hide under the whole idea of federalism, and that’s something I talk about in my book where federalism is extremely important, but when states like California are taking away parents’ right to stop their children from having these genital mutilating surgeries like mastectomies or castration that are permanent and so life-debilitating, before they’re even old enough to vote or join the military or buy alcohol or anything like that.

“I call out some of my colleagues by name, because I was so upset with them and have been that they wouldn’t support this bill,” she added.

Trump has made it clear throughout his campaign that his administration would stand up to the woke gender ideology infecting American children– a clear contrast to President Biden, who has instead criticized and demonized those who seek to protect children from life-altering surgeries. Biden used his 2023 Pride Month proclamation to criticize states seeking to protect children, describing such actions as “hateful.”


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