Soros’s Foundation Commits $50 Million to Spur ‘Nonpartisan Civic Engagement Among Women,’ Youth

alex soros

Alex Soros, the son of left-wing billionaire mega-donor George Soros, and his father’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) announced on Tuesday a $50 million investment “to boost nonpartisan civic engagement among women and young people.” 

The younger Soros, a frequent guest at the Biden White House, revealed the investment in an article he authored on the OSF website. Despite the “nonpartisan” rhetoric, Soros was critical of former President Donald Trump — the leading Republican presidential candidate — and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

Notably, Soros opined about the “failures of the Trump administration” a paragraph before mentioning the eight-figure initiative to stoke women and youth’s “nonpartisan civic engagement.”

He again invoked Trump’s name, referring to the protests against “misogynistic policies” that occurred following the 2016 election, where pink knitted hats became a rallying symbol among anti-Trump leftist women. 

Regarding Johnson, Soros called him “an avowed champion of a national abortion ban” and argued his ascent to the speakership “only heightened the threat of a further state intrusion into women’s bodily autonomy.”

As Politico has pointed out, Johnson has advocated for national abortion limitations in legislation, not a ban, as Soros argues: 

Johnson co-sponsored federal legislation that would have prohibited abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks into a pregnancy. The bill has exceptions for physical illnesses that endanger the life of the pregnant person but not psychological or emotional ones.

Aside from the blatant opposition to Trump and Johnson laid out in the announcement, Soros’s “nonpartisan” rhetoric is further undermined by his 20 meetings with President Joe Biden’s White House thus far, according to White House visitor logs reviewed by Breitbart News Senior Editor Rebecca Mansour: 

According to the visitor logs, the younger Soros has visited the Biden White House 15 times, met with officials 20 times, and attended a state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron at which President Biden was in attendance.

His most recent visit appears to have come on May 31, 2023, with the “visitee” being cited as “VPOTUS,” likely short for vice president.

Many of the other meetings have involved national security officials in the Biden administration, though it is unclear what has been discussed in them, as Mansour noted. However, she points out that Mark Leonard of the Council on Foreign Relations, funded by Soros’s OSF, told the Washington Post that Alex Soros has a keen focus on the Ukraine war as a potential “clue” for what could be the topic of discussions.

Alex Soros is “in daily contact with the Soros Foundation in Ukraine, talking to different governments about their policy towards Ukraine,” Leonard told the Post.


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