Nolte: The Eva Brauns of Harvard and MIT Are Still in Charge

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It’s been four days since the Eva Brauns of Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of Pennsylvania admitted that within the correct context, it is not against their school’s policy to call for the genocide of the Jews.

So far, after four days — four! — only President Liz Magill, the Eva Braun of the University of Pennsylvania, has resigned. She will, of course, remain a tenured faculty member.

WATCH — Dershowitz: Harvard’s President “has to Leave” “by Her Own Standards” She Used Against a Dean in the Past:

But President Claudine Gay and President Sally Kornbluth, the respective Eva Brauns of Harvard and MIT, are still presidents, still in charge.

During congressional testimony Tuesday, all three of these neo-Nazis were asked a very simple, straightforward question by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Awesome): “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate [your school’s] code of conduct?”

Antisemtism ADL - Supporters of Palestine gather at Harvard University to show their support for Palestinians in Gaza at a rally in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 2023. Thousands of Palestinians sought refuge on October 14 after Israel warned them to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip before an expected ground offensive against Hamas, one week on from the deadliest attack in Israeli history. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

Supporters of Palestine gather at Harvard University to show their support for Palestinians in Gaza at a rally in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 14, 2023. (JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

And all three said the same thing: that it depends on the context — which tells you that within a certain context, it does not violate their respective university’s conduct policy to openly call for every Jew on the planet to be slaughtered.

The background of these hearings matter cause at all three of these Ivy League schools, wild-eyed protests have broken out where, in one obvious form or another, students have used campus grounds to call for the murder and extermination of Jews.

WATCH — Dem Rep. Gottheimer: MIT, Penn, Harvard Should Face Federal Investigation, Their Presidents Should Resign:

It was only after their revealing testimony that all three Eva Brauns were forced to apologize. As someone who is a big believer in accepting apologies, I’m still calling for the genocide of their jobs.

If you are in charge of a university and you have a policy where it is sometimes okay to call for violence or murder or genocide or extermination, you got to go.

The free speech line is very easy to draw… Once you advocate for violence to achieve a political end, that qualifies as an over and out. And if you are in charge and you not only tolerate open calls for Jewish genocide but openly declare that there are circumstances where a call for genocide is okay, you got to go.


Claudine Gay and Sally Kornbluth are evil, and those around them currently allowing them to remain in charge are, at best, appeasers of evil.

Stefanik did not ask a trick question. She asked for moral clarity with the easiest question anyone could hope to be asked.

WATCH — Maher: People Who Get News from MSNBC, NYT Didn’t Know About Longstanding Issues on Campuses:

Breitbart News is an institution that both preaches and practices free speech. You’ve read my stuff. I’m allowed to say what I believe on every third-rail topic out there. But if I call for genocide or violence of any kind, I will be fired and deserve to be fired.

You see, removing people from polite society who promote, encourage, or defend violence in pursuit of a political cause used to be the bare minimum expected in a decent society.

But today, the presidents of Harvard and MIT can swear before Congress that it is sometimes okay to call for the extermination of Jews and keep their jobs. That doesn’t mean you can say anything you want on campus. If you call a guy in a dress a “guy in a dress,” you’ll be expelled. If there’s a five-year-old tweet where the twelve-year-old you used the N-word like you were Hunter Biden, you won’t even be allowed in the school.


Getting your Mein Kampf on openly calling for the extermination of the Jews on campus ground…? No problem. No problem at all.

Democrats sure got it good.

Even if these neo-Nazis are eventually fired, the fact it took more than four days, more than an hour, tells you that academia is rotten and evil, something beyond redemption.

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