Israel: United Nations Not Doing Enough to Make Sure Aid Reaches Palestinians

Humanitarian aid trucks (Mohammed Abed / AFP via Getty)
Mohammed Abed / AFP via Getty

Israel said Monday that the United Nations is not doing enough to ensure that humanitarian aid is reaching Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, amid reports of Hamas stealing the aid, and amid delays in the processing of air trucks entering the territory.

The Times of Israel reported:

The Defense Ministry body responsible for Palestinian civilian affairs says the United Nations needs to do more to process aid into Gaza, and charges that humanitarian supplies are not reaching the Strip fast enough.

“The UN must do better — the aid is there, and the people need it,” COGAT [the agency for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories] says.

In a bid to facilitate an increase in the number of aid trucks that can enter Gaza each day, last week Israel announced it would open the Kerem Shalom Crossing with Gaza for the inspection of humanitarian aid trucks before they enter Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah crossing.

Reports have been bubbling up through the media — including Arabic media — that Hamas has been stealing and exploiting aid.

The UK Daily Mail reported this weekend that ordinary Palestinians are speaking out against Hamas for stealing humanitarian aid:

A fearless elderly woman in Gaza risked her life to speak out against Hamas as some brave Palestinians call for the terrorists’ downfall.

Footage shows the courageous Palestinian wagging her finger at a reporter and telling him that their humanitarian aid has been stolen by the militant regime.

Another young Palestinian mother also accused Hamas of stealing their food. Seen stood cradling her young baby, she told a reporter she wanted this message to ‘reach all countries of the world’.

The situation in Gaza is said to be desperate, with one person telling Arabic media (via Abu Ali Express) that in a week, residents of southern Gaza will start eating leaves if they do not receive the aid that is intended for them.

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