Nolte: Trump Surges to Ten-Point Lead over Biden

Joe Raedle/KENT NISHIMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump has opened a ten-point lead over His Fraudulency Joe Biden in the latest Rasmussen poll.

In a two-way rematch, Trump currently earns 48 percent of likely voters’ support to Biden’s pathetic 38 percent.

When you add Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to the poll, Trump still wins with 40 percent support compared to just 32 percent for Biden and 16 percent for Kennedy. That is a four-point jump for Kennedy. Last month, Kennedy earned 12 percent support.

This is an important poll for two reasons…

The first is that back in November, just one month ago, this same pollster had Trump four points behind Hunter’s Dad: 42 percent to 46 percent.

Secondly, of late, Rasmussen has been one of Joe Biden’s rare polling bright spots. In their daily tracking poll of his approval rating, Biden tends to poll better with Rasmussen than with other polling firms. This is especially ironic because Democrats and the corporate media have been attacking Rasmussen for its non-existent “right-wing polling bias” for years.

The internals are especially damning for Slow Joe.

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In a two-way race…

Trump wins 28 percent of the black vote, Joe wins 50 percent, 15 percent are unsure. Biden needs at least 85 percent of the back vote to win.

Get a load of this…

Only 38 percent of 18-39-year-olds support Biden. The Donald earns 41 percent of that vote. In 2020, Biden crushed Trump with young voters. Moreover, this is not the first poll to show Slow Joe struggling with young people.

Rasmussen’s national 2024 poll showing Trump up by ten in a two-way and up by eight in a three-way with Kennedy (and we all know how much those Kennedys love their three-ways) might be ahead of the polling curve, or it might be an outlier — but only a slight one.

At the indispensable Real Clear Politics (RCP), the poll of average polls shows Trump beating Biden in 11 of the 13 latest polls (as of this writing, Rasmussen has not been added). Overall, Trump is up by a national average of 2.3 points. Three polls show him up four points. Two polls have him up by six.

This polling is especially good news for Trump because most of these pollsters hate him and bend the truth to favor Biden. There’s also the fact that throughout the entire 2020 campaign, Trump never once topped Biden in the RCP national average of polls. In fact, Trump never came any closer than four points behind.

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We’re seeing this same dynamic in the swing state polling. In the RCP poll of average polls, Trump is +4.8 in Michigan, +1.4 in Pennsylvania, +5.2 in Georgia, tied in Wisconsin, +4 in Nevada, and +4.8 in Arizona. Those are all states Trump lost (allegedly) in 2020. Those are also states where the 2020 polls showed him losing or neck-and-neck.

We should all be skeptical of polls. However, looking at overall averages and trends in individual polls is useful. So there is no question that if a fair election were held today, Biden would lose, and Trump would triumph.

We have a long way to go, and Trump is unquestionably benefitting from staying out of the media. That’s not going to last, and there are a gazillion news cycles and corporate media hoxes to come.

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