Biden Says ‘Democracy Is on the Ballot’ While Democrats Try to Remove Trump from Ballots

Trump - US President Joe Biden speaks during an event marking the three-year anniversary o
Hannah Beier/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Joe Biden on Friday said “Democracy is on the ballot,” after Democrats tried to remove his political opponent, former President Donald Trump, from several state ballots.

If Democrat-controlled states are ultimately able to remove Trump from ballots, such as in Colorado, Maine and other states, it would bar voters from deciding the presidential election, an outcome that directly counters the principles of a democratic republic.

Several states faced legal action to prevent voters from deciding elections by keeping Trump off the ballot:

  • Oregon (case pending)
  • Michigan and Minnesota (Trump kept on the ballots)
  • Colorado (ruling stayed)
  • Maine (ongoing)

“America, as we begin this election year, we must be clear: democracy is on the ballot,” Biden said at Valley Forge. “Your freedom is on the ballot.”

Biden spoke to observe the January 6 protest with a speech near the Revolutionary War site of Valley Forge. The speech came a day early due to bad weather expected Saturday.

“We have to make our choice! I know mine, and I believe I know America’s! We’ll embrace the Constitution,” Biden continued.

After the speech, first lady Jill Biden, Ed.D., gave Biden a hug behind the mic. Biden turned to the crowd and said, grinning, “I understand power.”

“Thank you all — ,” he waved as the mic turned off. Jill Biden walked him backstage:

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