Report: Georgia Prosecutor Nathan Wade Held in Contempt of Court Last Year

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 12: Special prosecutor Nathan Wade speaks during a motions hearing f
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Nathan Wade, the Georgia prosecutor leading the case against former President Donald Trump, was held in contempt of court last year for defying an order during his divorce.

Around the same time that Wade had been preparing to indict the former president for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election in the Peach State, a judge in Cobb County, Georgia, ruled he had “willfully” failed to turn over documents about his income. Wade’s wife later said that the income included money he had made during his work on the Trump case. Revelations about him being held in contempt of court come after a lawyer for one of the former president’s co-defendants alleged in a court filing that Wade had an affair with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

No evidence of an affair has been presented as of yet, but Wade’s wife has served Fani Willis with a subpoena requesting that she testify in the divorce case. As noted by Politico, even if the affair allegations yield nothing, the contempt of court evidence could spell troubling signs ahead for Nathan Wade:

Even aside from the salacious allegation, the contempt ruling against Wade in August 2023 shows that he was fighting his own deeply personal legal battle — and getting admonished by a judge — as he was helping run one of the most consequential criminal cases in American history: the indictment of Trump and numerous allies for their bid to subvert the state’s 2020 election results.

Wade is himself a divorce lawyer — the website for his Atlanta law firm touts “decades of experience” handling divorce cases. He has little experience running complex, high-profile criminal prosecutions, and Willis’ decision to hire him as a “special prosecutor” in the Trump case has come under intense scrutiny in recent days.

No reports indicate that Wade received any fines or punishment after being held in contempt, and he allegedly did eventually turn over his income documents. In two years, he made over $700,00 from the Fulton County district attorney’s office for his work on the Trump case.

Randall Kessler, an Atlanta divorce lawyer who formerly chaired the American Bar Association’s Family Law Section, told Politico that the willful contempt revelation will not be beneficial to Wade’s case.

“This is bizarre. The judge basically said, ‘Shame on you,'” said Kessler.

“It is rare that it gets to this level,” he added.

Yaniv Heled, a professor at Georgia State College of Law, concurred.

“To actually be found in willful contempt, it’s not a good position,” said Heled. “It’s not a place where you want to be with the judge.”

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