Venezuelan Migrant Influencer Asks Followers to Support Times Square Shooter

Leonal Moreno, a Venezuelan migrant influencer, has asked his more than 300,000 followers

Leonal Moreno, a Venezuelan migrant influencer, has asked his more than 300,000 followers on TikTok to “unite” in support of Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, the 15-year-old migrant who shot a woman in New York’s Times Square earlier this month.

In his video pleading to his followers, Moreno asked that people donate to pay for Rivas-Figueroa’s (pictured above) legal fees.

“I invite you to find [his] mother and [for] all of us to unite to pay the fines [so] that the young Venezuelan feels that he’s not alone during difficult moments. Remember that up there there’s a God who sees everything [down here],” he said.

“An entire nation [is] on top of him instead of helping him – remember that the young man is going to be released. And he will be released, do you know why? Because he’s underage,” he added. “You don’t know when God is going to put you in a situation like the one this young man is in.”

Moreno closed by asking that people “unite forces so that this child can be free and has an opportunity.”

As Breitbart News reported, Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa “was arrested and charged with attempted murder” last week after he was caught on camera “in Times Square seemingly shooting a 38-year-old female tourist from Brazil.”

According to the New York City Police Department (NYPD), Rivas-Figueroa was shoplifting at a sporting goods store in Times Square on February 8 when a security guard stopped him.

On surveillance footage, Rivas-Figueroa can be seen opening fire and shooting the female tourist, hitting her in the leg, before fleeing the scene and hopping on the city’s subway system to return to his mother’s residence in Yonkers.

While fleeing, NYPD officers said Rivas-Figueroa fired at them, but he did not hit any of them or any passersby in Midtown Manhattan.

Rivas-Figueroa has been denied bail and his being held in jail after a Manhattan judge deemed him a high risk.


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