Hunter Biden receiving a felony conviction on three gun charges in Delaware allows the left to claim “no one is above the law,” while distracting from the much more serious allegations against the first son— and his father.

The case Hunter was convicted in Tuesday — relating to an illegal gun purchase in 2018 — is a distraction from the obvious corruption by the Biden scion that has been  public for many years and which includes his father, according to a mountain of evidence uncovered both by journalists and the House Oversight Committee, and which dwarfs the gun crime in damage to society.

So there is now a narrative dash by Democrats and the media to lump Hunter’s entire situation into this one case, insinuate that they have all been reconciled because he was found “guilty,” and then conveniently claim justice is blind, following the obviously political conviction of Donald Trump.

“This verdict certainly flies in the face of everything that the former president has been pushing, trying to undermine the legal and the justice system,” ABC News’ Rachel Scott said Tuesday. “And we know President Biden has come out very strongly against that. And it was notable that he told you just days ago that he would respect the outcome of this verdict regardless of what happens.”

Within minutes of Hunter’s guilty verdict being announced, Democratic Party activists in the media raced to proclaim it meant “a really good day for the American system,” “the law applies to everybody,” and that Joe Biden is the  “living embodiment of the rule of law” !

“There’s not many countries in the world where the son or daughter of said country would get prosecuted in their judicial system. This is how different America is. And I do think that this is a — this is a really good day for the American system, ok, that, you know, it really does try to operate,” Chuck Todd proclaimed on MSNBC.

“I’m more interested in what [the case] tells us about the rule of law in this country, in two ways: one, the son of the sitting president was pretty quickly tried, he was given due process and he was found guilty, and you have the current president, the father of the defendant, making it absolutely clear that he is not pardoning him, that he could have ordered at any time for the Justice Department to get rid of this case; he did not do that,” former Mueller henchman and MSNBC pundit Andrew Weissmann gushed. “I really think if you look at this case, what is the big picture here, it’s not the drug addict who possessed a gun for two weeks, it is that you have a president of the United States who is [the] living embodiment of the rule of law.”

Oh, don’t worry about the fact that Hunter Biden was arranging confabs between his father and his foreign clients, as we know he did with Ukrainian and Chinese patrons, without registering as a foreign agent and evading all the oversight and regulation that comes with that. And how that’s being ignored.

Don’t worry about the fact that there is still an email that has just been sitting in front of the public’s face but never explained or justified, that Hunter would “hold 10% for the Big Guy” in a deal with CEFC China Energy Co. And how that’s just being ignored.

Don’t worry about the fact that the Biden family has raked in millions of dollars, ostensibly for highly sophisticated work, while, as we were just informed in the Delaware courtroom, Hunter was smoking crack rocks “the size of golfballs,” “every 20 minutes.” No curiosity about how that circle gets squared.

Well, actually, you can worry about the crack addiction. That’s the political play that turns this court decision into some sort of hero’s journey.

Just a story of addiction, the all-too-common American struggle — the left would have you believe. Because there were no sophisticated deals, they insist, that’s just “Russian disinfo.”

“This trial inside the courtroom, like, virtually every criminal trial was a personal — story of personal tragedy, a family tragedy, and the guilty verdict that the jury has handed down on Hunter Biden were verdicts not just on his conduct under law, but on his collapse into drug addiction and the consequences of it. So many American families understand that. And now the first family has gone through it as well,” ABC News whimpered in their coverage, outside the courtroom. But then, they gave away the political strategy: “The political consequences of it may be tempered by the fact that this is a scourge that has touched so many American families, even the president’s.”

President Biden is clearly seizing on that narrative:

So many families who have had loved ones battle addiction understand the feeling of pride seeing someone you love come out the other side and be so strong and resilient in recovery. As I also said last week, I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal. Jill and I will always be there for Hunter and the rest of our family with our love and support. Nothing will ever change that.

In other words: Hunter got caught up in a relatively minor crime, as a result of addiction, it’s very sad and deserves sympathy, now leave him alone, there’s nothing else to see here.

This case is the perfect gift to Democrats. It is a “felony,” so it allows them to claim the law is being applied evenly following the Trump verdict, while simultaneously giving the appearance that corrupt Hunter has been held accountable, with Joe Biden unscathed.

Hunter Biden, the smartest guy we know.

Emma-Jo Morris is the Politics Editor at Breitbart News News. Email her at or follow her on Twitter.