Mike Johnson Confident in Republican Victories: Trump Brought ‘Energy’ and ‘Enthusiasm’ to Meeting

Former US President Donald Trump, center, following a meeting with Senate Republicans at t
Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“There is something happening in the country,” Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said following former President Donald Trump’s meeting with congressional Republicans, noting that the former president brought an “energy” and “enthusiasm” to the conference, which has also been seen across the country.

“It was our great pleasure to host the president this morning, the 45th president, who will soon be reelected as a 47th president,” he said, explaining that Trump brought “an extraordinary amount of energy and excitement and enthusiasm this morning,” he began, explaining that it is what they are seeing in the party “throughout the country.”

“Many of us are traveling the country. I do it endlessly. I’ve been in 29 states and done events in 123 cities. We go to blue states and swing districts and everywhere in between, and there is something happening in the country,” Johnson said, stating that Trump repeated that phrase a number of times in his own remarks.

“He’s feeling and seeing that as well. He had 107,000 people turn out to a rally in New Jersey. He’s going coast to coast, as we are, and we’re all seeing the same thing,” the Speaker said, making it clear that the upcoming election is the “most consequential election certainly of our lifetimes and probably, maybe, in the last century or more in America”:

“Everything is at stake,” he said. “The Biden administration and President Biden have made a mess of every area of public policy, and everyone in the country knows, and so they’re anxious for answers.”

“They want a response to the things that have them so fed up, and our party is there to provide that,” he continued, touting an “extraordinary” fleet of candidates running great campaigns across the country.

Johnson expressed confidence that Republicans are headed for a “great November,” but he made it clear that they “don’t take anything for granted.”

“You have to run like you’re ten points behind. But we are very encouraged by the polling. … We believe we’re going to win back the White House and the Senate and grow the House Majority, and when we do that, we will not waste a moment,” he said, mentioning an “aggressive agenda to fix all the great problems facing this country right now.”

Johnson added that he spoke to a colleague who has been in politics for a “long time” who told him that he felt more confident and enthusiastic right now than he has felt in 40 years in politics.

“I think that is a probably a good indication of how people are feeling out there in the country. Something is happening. And we’re excited about that,” Johnson added.


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