The Department of Justice (DOJ) has requested that an appeals court deny an “emergency motion” that Steve Bannon, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, filed as he attempts to delay an upcoming prison sentence.

In a court filing from Monday, the DOJ argued that Bannon’s emergency motion “seeking release pending the final resolution of his appeal” fails to “show a ‘substantial question likely to result in’ reversal or a new trial, as required for release.”

On June 6, a federal judge ordered Bannon, the host of the War Room podcast, to report to prison for a four-month sentence after being found in contempt of Congress. Days later, Bannon filed an emergency motion calling for a federal appeals court to allow him to stay out of prison as he continues to fight against his contempt of Congress conviction and seek an appeal, according to NBC News.

“Because Bannon cannot justify what would be an extraordinary exception to the general rule of detention following conviction and an unsuccessful appeal, his motion should be denied,” the DOJ wrote in the filing.

Bannon also previously served as the executive chairman for Breitbart News before he was hired as the CEO of the Trump campaign in August 2016. After joining the Trump administration as a chief strategist, Bannon left in August 2017 and rejoined Breitbart News until he departed again in early 2018.

A jury convicted Bannon in 2022, and he was given a four-month prison sentence.

This was put on hold as Bannon sought to appeal the decision. In May, an appeals court upheld Bannon’s contempt of Congress conviction for denying a subpoena from the Democrat-run committee that investigated the January 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol.

“Bannon’s release motion should be denied,” the DOJ added in the filing. “Release pending appeal is the exception to the general rule that a defendant ‘shall…be detained’ following a conviction and imposition of a sentence of imprisonment.”

The DOJ added that Bannon “cannot reconcile his claim for special treatment with the bedrock principle of equal justice under the law.”

“Even-handed application of the bail statute requires Bannon’s continued detention,” the DOJ added.

In a recent interview with conservative commentator and journalist Tucker Carlson, Bannon stated that he did not “fear going to prison” and having to serve time as a “political prisoner.”

Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro was the first person from the Trump administration to serve a four-month prison sentence after he was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the Democrat-run January 6 Select Committee. In March, Navarro reported to prison to start his four-month sentence.