Joe Biden’s Parole Amnesties to Aid Roughly One Million Illegals

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President Joe Biden’s parole amnesty will aid roughly 500,000 illegals who are married to citizens, and who have been in the United States for 10 years, according to media reports.

Biden will also grant work permits to some of the 550,000 DACA program migrants, which was created by President Barack Obama 12 years ago, in 2012. The DACA program has been frozen by judges, pending a long-delayed final decision against the legality of the program.

The amnesty giveaway does not include any offsetting benefits for Americans, such as cutbacks in Biden’s border inflow, or tighter enforcement of deportation laws. Those compensatory benefits would be likely if Biden tried to win support for an amnesty among Congress’ legislators.

But the election-eve parole and work permit giveaways likely will not be started for a few months, giving Americans and GOP leaders time to file lawsuits against the Executive Branch’s legally contested parole giveaways to illegal migrants.

Legal “Details for both programs are still being worked out and are expected to be made public over the summer,” the Washington Post reported after a White House briefing for favored media outlets.

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The announcement of the programs is a campaign gamble by Biden’s election team, partly because it will likely harden the growing public opposition to his very painful and unpopular mass migration programs.

A June poll by CBS reported that 62 percent of registered voters support “a new national program to deport all undocumented immigrants.” The goal is also supported by 53 percent of Hispanics, partly because Biden’s migration hits them in the pocketbook with higher rents, lower wages, less corporate investment in their workplaces, and more crowing in their kids’ K-12 schools.

The announcement is a campaign year distraction for swing voters, said John Feere, who worked as an immigration official for President Donald Trump. “I don’t think they’re going to be successful, but they need to have something to point to to say ‘Things are only bad because … of a lack of political resolve from Republicans.'”

Since 2019, roughly 75 percent of all additional jobs have gone to Biden’s flood of roughly 10 million new migrants, including blue-collar illegal aliens and legal immigrants. The inflow delivers roughly one migrant for each American birth.

The inflated supply of workers ensures lower wages, fewer jobs, less corporate investment in productivity-raising, high-tech workplaces, and higher housing costs.  It also means employers feel little pressure to help several million Americans who have fallen out of the workforce.

Since 1990, the growing migrant inflow has transferred employees’ wages to wealthy investors, so boosting stock values on Wall Street and lowering the share of new wealth earned by employees.

The parole amnesty has been openly pushed since April by Mark Zuckerberg’s investor group. This week, the billionaires’ powerful group also argued that the DACA migrants should be given legal visas because they were smuggled into the U.S. by their parents.

Business groups and their allied progressives argue voters will cheer for the Biden giveaway to migrants and investors, partly because it distracts the media and the voters from the economic damage of Biden’s policies.

The Washington Post wrote:

“Hopefully, it will also inspire people to not sit this one out,” said Marielena Hincapié, a scholar at Cornell Law School and a former executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. “I’m hoping it’s an indirect benefit from an announcement like this.”

Democrats also hope to spur progressive support for Biden by painting Republicans as mean racists for opposing the giveaway, which also offers a legal status for 50,000 illegal-migrant children of illegal migrants.

For example, the group is touting sympathetic beneficiaries, including Foday Turay, a young migrant migrant from Sierra Leone. He was smuggled into the United States in 2003, at the age of seven, by his mother who had earlier gained legal status in the United States via the refugee program.

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Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

“She took extreme measures … There was no way she was going to leave her only child,” said Turay, who is now a government prosecutor.

It is not clear why the mother was not able to bring her child with her, as is normal in the refugee program.

Many Republicans will walk into the Democrats’ emotional trap, partly because they will criticize the program as illegal, but ignore the unfairness to ordinary Americans. That technical disagreement will not sway many swing voters amid the Democrats’ emotional justifications – but will soothe the GOP’s pro-migration donors.

Progressive allies of corporate outsourcing are also embracing new language that minimizes the administration’s claim to amnesty power:

Pro-migration groups are also eager to dodge the legal issues and merely jeer at the Republicans who cite the existing legal protections for ordinary Americans against corporate-backed illegal migration.

The groups are also eager to have their media allies showcase sympathetic recipients of Biden’s giveaway.

However, advocates for enforcement of the nation’s immigration law are already showing how Biden’s amnesty will increase the economic burden of migration of ordinary Americans.

“If the government talks about mass legalization, more people come in in larger numbers,” said Feere, who works with the Center for Immigration Studies. “That’s just the way it works.”

“Biden is about to make OVER A MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS eligible for federal benefit programs like welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid,” noted the National Immigration Center for Enforcement.

“All paid by You, the American taxpayer,” the group added.





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