NYT: Blue State Governors Stockpile Abortion Pills in ‘Resistance to New Trump Admin’

TOPSHOT - Pro-life activists march during the 49th annual March for Life, on January 21, 2

Some blue state governors are stockpiling abortion pills in case former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election — despite the fact that Trump said abortion should be left to individual states. 

The Supreme Court also ruled against a challenge last week to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rollback of several safety regulations around mifepristone, the first pill used in a two-drug medication abortion regimen. However, “some Democratic Party leaders are reportedly preparing for a hypothetical scenario where the Trump administration rescinds the approval or uses the 1873 Comstock Act to criminalize mailing Mifepristone across state lines,” Fox News reported.

The New York Times noted over the weekend that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) has “secured a large enough supply of mifepristone pills to preserve access for women in his state through a second Trump administration.” 

“The supply is locked away at a state warehouse,” The Times reported in an article with the headline “The Resistance to a New Trump Administration Has Already Started.”

Inslee is not the only Democrat governor to stockpile pills used to end the lives of unborn babies. He is “one of at least five Democratic governors who have established stockpiles of mifepristone to guard against the possibility of any Trump administration using federal power to stop its interstate distribution,” including the pro-abortion governors of  California, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon.

“We have it physically in the state of Washington, which could stop him and his anti-choice forces from prohibiting its distribution,” Inslee told The Times. “It has a life span of five or six years. If there was another Trump administration, it’ll get us through.”

Inslee’s aides argued that the FDA could technically rescind its own approval of mifepristone, but they said they would argue that the FDA “lacked authority to restrict use of the existing stockpiles if the pills did not cross state lines,” according to the report. 

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on X @thekat_hamilton.


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