Watch — TPUSA’s Morgonn McMichael: Feminist Movement Promotes Anti-Woman Agenda

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

Turning Point USA contributor Morgonn McMichael told Breitbart News that the modern-day feminist movement is promoting an anti-woman agenda, and more young women are seeking to “get back to our roots” and embrace femininity and traditional values.

The theme of this year’s TPUSA’s women’s event is “getting back to our roots” and “instilling those traditional values within the home and upholding our constitution, upholding American values,” McMichael said during Turning Point USA’s annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

“All it is, is upholding and living a traditional life, and not allowing the government to control us — bringing it back to the home — strong nuclear families and continuing to create strong generations that are going to love their country,” McMichael added.

The Turning Point USA contributor continued:

If you look at the feminist movement, if you look at the leftist movement over the past four years, I think women are so fed up with being fed the lies of feminism. We’re women. We don’t want to compete with men. And I think there’s something so beautiful about embracing femininity. Because when a woman embraces their own inherent, natural femininity, it allows men to embrace their masculinity, and step into their masculine roles.

Right now, our culture is emasculating men. They’re saying it’s okay to be feminine, the whole “soy boy” male genre is really what’s being promoted to our next generation, and I think it’s doing a disservice to the future of America. Because when you’re destabilizing the sexes and destabilizing the nuclear family, then how are we supposed to reproduce and continue to foster the next great generation?

“Men aren’t meant to be nurturers,” McMichael said. “Women are inherently meant to be nurturers and take care of the family.”

“It is very ironic, when you talk to even a very leftist woman, they still want a man to provide in the household. They still want that masculine energy. They still want a man to raise their little boys,” she added.

“I think it’s really interesting to see how even some of the most far leftists in our culture still actually want a masculine man, yet why are they preaching a culture with the feminist movement that’s emasculating our next generation?” she said.

McMichael also talked about the ways in which modern-day feminism is working against the natural interests of women.

“A lot of the feminist movement has also been encapsulated as pro-woman with the pro-abortion movement,” she said. “So has men competing in women’s sports, which I will never understand. How has the transgender movement also become a pro-woman movement?”

“The feminist movement, the transgender movement, the pro-abortion movement — what all three of these movements have in common is that they’re anti-woman. They’re anti what women are naturally made to do.”

McMichael went on to say that birth control and dating apps foster a destructive “hook-up culture” in society, leaving many men and women single and frustrated.

“The birth control movement — look at the side effects, the laundry list of side effects,” she said. “And even go back to when the birth control movement started — it all started with Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement.”

“I don’t think people realize that this is kind of an effort of population control, and everything they say that’s ‘women’s empowerment’ is really self-degrading. Because there’s nothing empowering about having multiple sexual partners,” McMichael added.

On the topic of dating apps, McMichael said, “The problem is, as Gen Z, we’re so used to that instant gratification of getting a like, getting a comment, getting a follow — the social media craving. And so, when you take a look at dating apps, it’s that same type of energy and attention.”

“It’s continuing to perpetuate hook-up culture,” she added. “I really think that women and men need to look inward and embrace their traditional values.”

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