Report: Democrat Senators Bennett, Tester, Brown Do Not Believe Biden Can Win Election

A new report suggests that Democrat Senators Michael Bennett (CO), Jon Tester (MT), and Sherrod Brown (OH) believe that President Joe Biden will lose to President Trump come November.

According to CNN’s Dana Bash, the senators revealed their trepidation privately.

“I am told that Senators Michael Bennett, Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester told colleagues in today’s Democratic caucus lunch that they do not believe that President Biden can win the election,” she announced on X.

Though the senators have not publicly stated this, reporter Andrew Desiderio said that Bennett and Tester did not deny making those statements. Tester’s spokesperson also told him, “President Biden’s bad debate performance raised serious questions about whether he’s up the job for the next four years. As I have said, he needs to prove to the American people, and me, that he can do it.”

Desiderio clarified, “What was said in the room is a bit more nuanced, I’m told. Per two sources — one in room & one familiar w/ comments — Tester and Brown expressed their view that Biden is in big trouble, while Bennet was talking in the context of the messaging war over the economy.”

It makes sense that Tester would express trepidation about Biden’s prospects, given his vulnerable position in the purple (trending red) state of Montana, where he trails in his reelection bid behind Republican Tim Sheehy.

“In a recently completed survey of likely general election voters in Montana … we found that Montana continues to be a state that wants to vote Republican and for President Trump, and where the Senate race is a statistical dead heat despite Jon Tester’s cash and incumbency advantages,” wrote pollster Fabrizio Lee.

“Asked if they would vote for a Republican or Democratic candidate for Senator, the GOP candidate is chosen by a double-digit margin, 52% – 40%, with 8% unsure. Donald Trump overperforms the generic ballot, beating Biden in the Presidential ballot by an even larger margin, 54% – 36%, with 10% undecided,” Lee added.

Meanwhile, the recent polls show Biden trailing Trump following his poor debate performance. In the state of Wisconsin, which both candidates need to win, Biden is currently down six percentage points.

“Joe Biden is down 6 percentage points against Donald Trump in the key battleground state of Wisconsin, with older voters tilting toward the Republican, according to an AARP post-debate poll released Tuesday,” reported Politico.

“As Democrats deal with infighting over the president’s age and fitness to serve after his disastrous debate performance less than two weeks ago, the poll shows Trump leading Biden in a full ballot test, 44 percent to 38 percent,” it added.

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