Matt Palumbo: Trump’s ‘Unpredictability and Unorthodoxy’ Will Help Against Hillary Clinton

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Conservative political Strategist Matt Palumbo told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephan K. Bannon that Trump’s “unpredictability and unorthodoxy” are strengths that can benefit his campaign in a general election against Hillary Clinton.

“I think this unpredictability and the unorthodoxy of the Trump campaign — the pressure that it’s put on its opponents like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush and Rubio and now Cruz, who has been immune to it — I think the unorthodoxy [and] unpredictability forces his opponents into bad decisions. It forces mistakes,” Palumbo said, adding that this puts candidates in a position of being “dictated to by their opponent,” which is a place candidates “never like to be in.”

“Trump is like when the no huddle offense came into football,” he explained. “It threw the whole game on its edge because what it does is, it forces defenses to think quick, make bad decisions. It’s so unorthodox and so unpredictable.”

This analogy, Palumbo explained, can be seen in Trump’s approach to his primary opponents.

“Look at what he did to Rubio,” he said. “I think it’s a perfect example and sort of a foreshadowing of what he can do, or is going to do, to Clinton. Rubio [is] one of the most polished, calculated politicians that we have. Trump turned Marco Rubio into Don Rickles for three days back in March.”

Palumbo noted that “the Clinton machine” is “very calculated, and they’re not very nimble. And where Sanders hasn’t gone, I think there’s no doubt that the Trump campaign is going.”

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Listen to his full interview on Breitbart News Daily below:


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