Jim Hanson: Obama Is a ‘Dismal Failure’ in Fighting Global Jihad

Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty/Reuters

Jim Hanson, executive vice president at the Center for Security Policy, spoke to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon about President Barack Obama’s fight against the global war on terrorism.

Hanson said:

There is nothing that is a more dismal failure than Barack Obama’s decision to cut and run from Iraq after we won. He lost the peace. He created the situation that allowed ISIS to grow. He let them build a Caliphate, plant a black flag, and tell the world that they are the Islamic state, which has been a huge recruiting factor and big victory for Islamists around the world.

Hanson emphasized that Obama and Hillary Clinton bear responsibility for the growth of ISIS around the world.

Hanson added:

It’s not just an isolated problem. It’s not, “Let’s kill ISIS, and this will be over.” This is a global jihad, and until we focus on the fact that they have an animating ideology and that this ideology spreads around the world and is implemented around the world by any of them, using any means necessary, we don’t have a chance of killing them.

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