Leslie Rutledge: Hillary Clinton ‘Will Lie Even When the Truth Would Serve Her Better’

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Leslie Rutledge, the 56th attorney general of Arkansas and the first woman to hold that office, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily to offer her thoughts on the vice presidential debate.

Rutledge declared:

I thought if anyone wants to question Donald Trump’s judgment, all they have to do is look to the performance of Governor Pence and see the sort of impeccable judgment Donald Trump has when it comes to surrounding himself with smart, intelligent, articulate, caring, compassionate leaders. And Mike Pence showed he is exactly that.

“What he has done in Indiana, when he was able to lay out his record – when he wasn’t being interrupted in every sentence, and every half-sentence by Senator Kaine,” she said, “Mike Pence showed the kind of leader that Donald Trump will surround himself with, and he laid out the vision that Mr. Trump’s presidency will have.”

Rutledge commended Pence for bringing up issues, such as immigration policy and its effect on national security, that debate moderators seem unwilling to put on the table:

The American people need to hear what, exactly, these candidates are going to do about immigration. Governor Pence was absolutely correct when he said those are just Washington words. Those were just the same lines that Washington has used over and over, and essentially that we’re putting a Band-Aid on this problem.

Mr. Trump and Governor Pence have a real plan to impact immigration, to make our country safe, to know who’s coming into the United States of America, and to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. We want to take care of the families that are here because we know that so many people are here, and are participating and contributing to our communities – but unfortunately, we also have a number of criminals that are harming citizens across the United States, harming one another, and we must address the issue.

So it was fantastic for all of us and everyone watching to hear Governor Pence lay out that plan.

Marlow noted that Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, and their surrogates routinely twist Trump’s quotes about illegal alien criminals to make it sound as if he thinks all immigrants from south of the border are rapists and criminals.

He asked for Rutledge’s perspective on the Clintons from their home state of Arkansas. She observed that Clinton began his political career with the very same office she now holds.

“So I hold the same office where those two began their career of corruption,” she said, clearly indicating that she does not find the career comparison flattering. “Arkansans know the Clintons best. Donald Trump will win Arkansas by 60-40, if not more. Arkansas is solid in Donald Trump’s camp for president, and it’s because we know exactly who Hillary Clinton is.”

“She will lie [even] when the truth would serve her better,” Rutledge stated, continuing:

You cannot say that about many people, but Secretary Clinton has shown us time and again – whether it is through Benghazi, whether it’s through her private server, and the emails – that lying is second nature to her, and that she always puts her own interest above that of her community, and now above the country.

She said the vice presidential debate demonstrated “a true distinction between what Governor Pence has accomplished, in growing jobs and the economy in his home state of Indiana, while Senator Kaine – the debt increased dramatically. Unemployment went up during his time as governor of Virginia.”

Rutledge charged:

We saw last night when the Democrats want to talk about temperament, and they, for some reason, are hung up on talking about Donald Trump’s temperament – well, we saw last night that Senator Kaine was absolutely out of control, rude, interrupting, making outlandish comments that were absolutely untrue, and was incapable of having a civil discourse with Governor Pence.

“So when it comes to Donald Trump’s judgment as to who he will surround himself with, we only need to look to Governor Mike Pence to see the sort of individuals that Mr. Trump will surround himself with as he leads this country,” she concluded.

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