2016 presidential debates

John Bolton: Hillary Still Can’t Name an Accomplishment as Secretary of State

Former U.N. Ambassador and American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow John Bolton told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily that he was a little surprised to see Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, become a central topic of the final 2016 presidential debate, given the conventional wisdom about Russia’s harmless irrelevance circa 2012.

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Ed Klein: Bill Clinton’s Misconduct ‘Relevant’ Because Hillary Said She’ll Put Him ‘in Charge of the Entire Economy’

On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily, “Guilty as Sin” author Ed Klein said it would “be a great question, and not an egregious question” if Hillary Clinton was asked about his allegations of ongoing sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton at the final presidential debate. “It’s legit because she’s running for President, but the shadow in that presidency is that with the Clintons, you always get two for the price of one,” Klein said.


Frank Gaffney: Clinton, Obama Have Given Us ‘Much More Dangerous Kremlin and Putin’

“I think that the Russians have taken the measure of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, over the past eight years,” Center for Security President Frank Gaffney told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. “Vladimir Putin is unquestionably ratcheting up his behavior, his aggression, his rhetoric, his threats – including of nuclear war against our allies, and periodically against us,” Gaffney warned.


Trump: Media ‘Gaming the System’ Ahead of Debates

During Sunday’s broadcast of “Media Buzz” on the Fox News Channel, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accused the media of “gaming the system” before the presidential debates, reasoning that they are using the criticism from the Matt Lauer forum with Trump and

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Friday, Aug