Ed Klein: Bill Clinton’s Misconduct ‘Relevant’ Because Hillary Said She’ll Put Him ‘in Charge of the Entire Economy’


On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Guilty as Sin author Ed Klein said it would “be a great question, and not an egregious question” if Hillary Clinton was asked about his allegations of ongoing sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton at the final presidential debate.

“It’s legit because she’s running for President, but the shadow in that presidency is that with the Clintons, you always get two for the price of one,” Klein told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. “Should she be elected President, you are going to have, once again, a co-presidency in a Clinton, and this time it’ll be with Bill Clinton. Hillary is already announced that she intends, if she wins the White House, to put Bill in charge of the entire economy, no less. So what he does, his character, his behavior, is very relevant.”

“In fact, it’s more relevant, in some respects, than Donald’s character and behavior, because what Bill is up to is contemporary. He’s up to it right now, in his penthouse apartment, as I’ve written in Guilty as Sin,” Klein added. “Whereas the alleged charges against Donald go back ten, twenty, thirty years.”

Klein agreed with Marlow’s observation that many of the allegations against Trump are based on thin sources and rumors, while Bill Clinton’s accusers are numerous and specific.

“No one has come forward and said that Donald Trump has raped her,” Klein observed. “Whereas, as you say, woman after woman has said that Bill Clinton forced himself on her. There are so many cases of that. And, of course, we have the parallel fact that Hillary Clinton was guilty up to her eyebrows in trying to suppress these women’s charges. It’s a very relevant question that you’ve brought up.”

“However, I have to say – and I don’t know whether you agree with me or not – that Donald has taken the bait,” he continued. “In some respects, he has to take some of the blame for allowing this ridiculous set of charges to get out of control. He should have continued to press hard on his policy of change in America. This is a change election, and that’s what this should be about. I hope that’s what he does in the debate tonight.”

Klein said Trump should be able to come off defense during the final debate, because “he has the policies on his side, the policies that this country wants.”

“The majority of people want this country to have immigration reform, so that we stop this flow of illegal immigrants and drugs across our borders,” he argued. “Everyone – not everyone, but a great majority of Americans want that. They want someone who can put this economy on growth formula, which Hillary Clinton certainly will not do. And they want someone who, like Donald, will be tough abroad, and resume America’s leadership in the world. All of those things are in his wheelhouse, and that’s what he should be stressing tonight.”

Marlow humorously noted that Klein’s long history of working in the mainstream media must have earned him a warm reception from TV networks and newspapers when he published his Clinton expose. Of course, the opposite has been the case.

“After I left the New York Times and began writing books, and that’s well over 20-some-odd years ago, I was writing mostly about the Kennedys,” he recalled. “And I was on ABC, NBC, CBS, Charlie Rose, CNN, you name it. The New York Times people, everybody gave me great reviews.”

Klein continued:

The second I started writing about Hillary Clinton, the entire mainstream media shut down – so that in this case, with Guilty as Sin, which has an enormous amount of new material in it that no one else has had, about what goes on for instance between President Obama and James Comey, the director of the FBI, and why that investigation fell apart the way it did – I have not had one invitation from any of the mainstream media to appear, on any of the broadcast networks. Only Fox, Fox & Friends and Hannity, and of course shows like yours.

Klein agreed with Ann Coulter’s complaint that revealing damaging information about the Clintons leads to mainstream media blacklisting.

“When Donald says that there is a conspiracy of silence among the mainstream media, he’s absolutely right. I mean, the fix is in when it comes to the mainstream media – and now, increasingly, to other outlets, and you’re citing Fox as one of them,” Klein said. “Where will right-of-center thought be allowed to express itself in the future, other than on shows like yours?”

“I do hope and believe that Chris Wallace will emerge as the fairest of all the moderators that we’ve seen so far,” he said of the coming presidential debate. “I know him, I respect him, I do believe he’s done his homework. I think for once, Hillary is gonna get as good as Donald, and it’s not going to be, ‘let’s just all gang up on Donald Trump.’”

“I think that’s good, and I think there are a lot of questions, and you’ve raised some of them, that Hillary Clinton will have a hard time answering,” he told Marlow. “A perfect example would be, why did she okay, as Secretary of State, the sale of 20 percent of the American uranium production to Vladimir Putin’s Russia? Why did she allow her husband, while she was the Secretary of State, to go to Moscow and receive $500,000 for a speech after the uranium sale?”

“There’s no question in my mind, and I have an eyewitness person in my book, a woman who was a foreign service officer who worked closely with Hillary while she was in the State Department, and was interviewed by the FBI, telling the reader of Guilty as Sin exactly what Hillary was up to while she was in the State Department,” Klein said.

He said that eyewitness confirmed Clinton was “on the phone with donors to the Clinton Foundation, by the way also on the phone and meeting with countless numbers of potential donors to her presidential campaign – which of course she hadn’t announced while she was in the State Department, but she was already gearing up for, running the Clinton Foundation and a presidential campaign from her office in Foggy Bottom.”

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