J. Christian Adams: Protecting Clinton Is Latest Scandal for Obama’s Politicized Justice Department

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host Alex Marlow asked former Justice Department official J. Christian Adams about the latest news coming out of the DOJ, including recent revelations that a best friend of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is “one of the top dogs investigating the Clintons right now.”

Marlow found this to be “corruption of a level that, even for the Clintons, [he is] frankly surprised by.”

“Yeah, well, see, I was at DOJ, so I’m not. I’m not surprised by it,” Adams sighed. “Look, it started with the New Black Panther case that, you remember, I was involved in, and there, politics and ideology affected law enforcement. The ideological opposition to using the Voting Rights Act against people like the New Black Panthers led to that case getting scuttled after we brought it during the Bush administration, after the inauguration in 2009.”

“It’s the same thing here, Alex. It’s ideological allies in positions of power, like this clown who’s the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs tipping off the Clinton campaign of a pending pleading being filed,” he continued. “This wasn’t tipping them off about a hearing. Yeah, that’s no big deal. But this was a piece of confidential information that a lawyer had, as a lawyer, and he gave it away unethically to the Clinton campaign.”

Adams was blunt about the only recourse left to the American people in the face of such corruption: “Trump is the only guy who can do anything about it – but I’m afraid, Alex, he doesn’t even understand the scope of the problem at Justice.”

“This is not just replacing one or two political appointees, and you can assume the problem is solved,” he explained. “I was at Justice during the Bush administration. There are eight political appointees in a division with 900 employees. That’s it. So what we have is a situation where the Left has burrowed in to the career civil service ranks, and there’s nothing you can do about them. So you have to pick political appointees who are aggressive, who are not insiders, who know how to work the system. They have to have experience in the bureaucracy, and they have to be ideological soldiers. If you don’t do that, nothing’s going to change, even if you’re trying to hashtag-DrainTheSwamp.”

Adams stressed that the DOJ must become politically neutral again. “It has to be a neutral part of the government because it’s the law enforcement arm. It’s the most powerful agency in all of the federal government. Nothing gets done without DOJ. If you don’t like energy policy, labor policy, whatever, it all goes through DOJ. You’re seeing that with the State Department email litigation because DOJ is calling the shots,” he said.

“So what has happened, Alex, is the same thing that’s happening to our law schools. They are becoming radicalized by institutional leftist professors who view the law as a tool to get and obtain and keep power,” he charged. “And so, therefore, the law is not a neutral arbiter. It’s this weapon to be used by one side against the other. And those people are now lawyers at the Justice Department who believe this. I’m not sure it’s easily undone. It’s part of the broader legal corruption that’s taken place in the country.”

J. Christian Adams is the author of Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department. His work can be found at the Election Law Center and the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

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