Caddell: ‘Fake News’ Issue Part of Media Outrage That the ‘Peasants’ Revolted


“The elite of this country has nothing but contempt and no respect for the American people who built this country,” political pollster and analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday.

Caddell was responding to mainstream media efforts to undermine November’s election results with hyperbolic hacking reports, while also mentioning the recent efforts of several Hollywood has-been and B-list actors to beg electors to change their upcoming Electoral College vote away from Trump: “A group of Hollywood celebrities are calling on Republican electors in the Electoral College to disregard their states’ voting results and deny Donald Trump the presidency when the group casts their official ballots on December 19.”

Caddell said, “A lot of people have gone off the deep end,” adding, ‘They’ve lost their minds. They’ve gone crazy,” referring to the media’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump. “How dare the peasants rise up,” he said.

Concerning the Electoral College, he said, “My favorite, the Hollywood people telling electors that their job is to overturn the election results of a constitutional system, as if anyone wants to hear what those celebrities, who know nothing, who are airheads [have to say].” He went on to characterize it as insane and a total meltdown.

As for so-called fake news, said Caddell, “Fake news is in the news media.” He elaborated to say, “They are running narratives that still cannot explain what the hell they don’t understand because they can’t admit that they are on the opposite side of history.’

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