J. Rachel Reed on ‘K-9 Korea: The Untold Story of America’s War Dogs in the Korean War’

Washington, DC

J. Rachel Reed discussed her new book, “K-9 Korea: The Untold Story of America’s War Dogs in the Korean War,” with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday.

Below is a brief preview from Amazon’s link for the work.

The men of the 8125th Sentry Dog Detachment had no idea what they would find when their ship docked at Incheon, Korea. The dogs in the unit seemed even more uncertain than the men: they could smell the terror in the place. Almost immediately, these soldiers came to rely on each other—man and dog alike—for safety, courage, and companionship.

Yet in the end, the men of the 8125th could have never imagined the terrible and final sacrifice their canine companions would be forced to make.

Today, Reed discussed the particulars of the use of K-9’s in Korea, as well as the broader use of dogs in the American military over time, including the use of morale dogs, sentry dogs, and the many other special functions specific dogs were trained to perform.

The audio clip below offers a unique perspective on the topic for both dog lovers and fans of the military.

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