Gorka: Kate’s Law, Travel Ban Are for ‘Americans Who Live in the Real World,’ Not ‘Establishment Bubble’

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president and former National Security editor for Breitbart News, argued on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily that it has been a great week for President Trump, America, and “the vision of Andrew Breitbart.”

SiriusXM host Alex Marlow agreed, pointing to landmarks such as Matt Boyle’s reporting on CNN’s false story about supposed connections between an associate of President Trump and Russia.

“I remember that seminal quote that he just wants to destroy the lying mainstream media,” Gorka recalled of Andrew Breitbart. “He wants to bring the New York Times and CNN to its knees for all the propaganda they spew, and I think that’s what we are seeing this week. The house of cards is finally collapsing. In large part, it’s thanks to people like you and your team, Project Veritas, and all the people who will not give up.”

In the legislative arena, Gorka said one of the big achievements for the week was the House passage of “Kate’s Law,” which imposes stricter penalties on deported aliens who violate the U.S. border again and a companion bill that would deny federal funds to “sanctuary cities” that defy U.S. immigration law.

“These are good steps forward,” said Marlow. “They don’t go quite as far as I think some of us in Trump’s base would like, but they’re a damn good start.”

“These are two bills, Bill 3003 and Bill 3004. The first one is sanctuary cities,” Gorka said. “This is the promise the president is keeping that we are not going to reward those municipalities that are in flagrant breach of federal immigration laws. The idea that you can create safe spaces for illegal immigrants in America has ended. If you wish to do so, then we will have the power to remove from you those federal grants coming out of DOJ, coming out of DHS, and reprogram to those areas that actually abide by the federal immigration laws, and do not wish to harbor criminal illegal aliens in their municipality.”

“3004 is what is commonly known as ‘Kate’s Law,’” he continued. “This is the response to the murder by an illegal immigrant who – let me just say this slowly – had been kicked out of the country, deported five times under the Obama regime, had been prosecuted seven times, and then gunned down Kate Steinle in cold blood on the streets of San Francisco.”

“This law will make it so that if you are deported and come back into this country, you will be given an automatic two-year prison sentence in a federal prison, and if you commit a crime and are deported and come back onto United States soil illegally, you will get up to 25 years in federal prison,” he explained.

“We are going to keep Americans safe on the streets of America, Alex,” Gorka declared.

Marlow found the size of the Democrat vote against both of those bills, as well as a few Republicans even, to be remarkable, given their common sense appeal. “It’s wonderful that they passed, but why are they not getting universal approval?” he asked.

“I really think you’d have to ask those individuals, but I think it’s connected to the reason as to why Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States,” Gorka replied. “The fact is we have the majority of Americans who live in the real world and who understand the threats to America, who see the catastrophe of the last eight years, and then we have an establishment bubble. And we have people inside that bubble who are disconnected from the realities, from the threats, think politics is just a business-as-usual venture. We are deconstructing that reality, but as I remind everybody, it’s only week 24 of the administration, not month 24.”

Dr. Gorka revealed that he once again decided to flagellate himself for his sins by going on CNN this week and found fresh examples of “the schizophrenia that is the reason why they’re collapsing.”

“We’ve had more than half a year, ten months, of ‘Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, collusion, collusion.’ We are meant to be in bed with the Kremlin,” he recalled. “And then, we send a very harsh message to Syria this week saying, ‘If you touch those chemical weapons, we will take action. We are not going to stand the use of chemical weapons against civilians.’ And then CNN asks me, ‘So does this mean that America is going to go to war with Russia because Russia backs Syria?’”

“I mean, Alex, which is it? Are we colluding with them or going to war with them? This is complete insanity at CNN,” Gorka exclaimed.

He recommended his years of work for Breitbart News as clear proof that neither are “pro-Kremlin” in any sense. “We are not friends of dictatorships or authoritarian regimes, and I don’t think that has changed since I left Breitbart,” he said.

Another significant achievement from the past week, which Marlow noted even the mainstream media have been compelled to acknowledge as such, was the Supreme Court’s unanimous opinion in favor of President Trump’s executive order on immigration from several Muslim countries with severe security problems. “Even the news wires had to admit it’s rolled out with markedly less chaos than they were anticipating,” he noted.

“Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision that upheld the president’s authority to decide on all matters of immigration and threats to the United States, basically the original executive order – albeit with six states, not seven – was implemented at midnight last night, very smoothly, by Secretary Kelly and his team,” said Gorka, tipping his hat to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Gorka said this means “there is now a moratorium of individuals coming from those six most dangerous nations, with an exemption for those who have close family ties to people already here.”

“That does not include those with extended families or fiancees, for example,” he added. “We have temporarily halted the ingress because we cannot guarantee that those nations are sending us people that are vetted or are vettable. Basically, it has rolled out, it stands.”

“I think it’s very interesting, as you said, that the resistance to that action was minimal if anything at all, which I think again is linked to the house of cards on the media left collapsing as we speak,” he said.

“We are not here to make the chattering classes happy,” Gorka said. “I know this is a shock to the chattering classes, the elites of L.A., New York, Boston, Washington – we’re not here to please them. That is the constituency that got us into such awful, awful trouble in the last eight years. We are here to serve those Americans who understand the world is a dangerous place, America has interests, and the president is supposed to represent those interests. That’s what we care about, Alex.”

Marlow asked Gorka for a preview of President Trump’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit.

“I don’t want to give the talking points away, but let me just quote the boss himself,” Gorka replied. “If you recall, I think it was the last press conference the president gave at Trump Tower, and as he was finishing the press conference, somebody shouted out to him, ‘What about the Kremlin? What about Putin?’ And the president gave a very, very succinct answer. He said, ‘In theory, it would be good to have a solid relationship with the Kremlin. Right now, it doesn’t look very likely. And if that is the case, so be it.’”

“He is a pragmatist,” Gorka said of Trump. “We would like to be able to work with Russia on key issues such as counterterrorism, such as stopping the bloodshed in Syria. We will see if that is possible.”

He said the previous administration’s foreign policy was distorted by “political agendas trumping national security.”

“We saw it again and again and again, whether it was the Iran deal, the JCPOA, whether it was turning our backs to our allies in the Middle East, whether it was totally rejecting closer ties with Israel, not doing anything with regards to the invasion of Crimea,” he said. “The last eight years was solely about narrative: making the president and his team look good. That was Ben Rhodes’ job.”

“That’s what they cannot stomach today, that it’s not about narrative. It’s about interests. It’s about American interests. It’s about safety, the economy. This is a whole different worldview, and those that supported the last regime cannot understand it,” said Gorka.

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