Gorka: ‘Stunning’ That Polish President Had to Correct Fake News About Trump Handshake

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AP/Alik Keplicz

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President and former National Security editor for Breitbart News, talked about President Trump’s trip to Poland and the G20 summit on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily.

Gorka told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow it was “stunning” to watch the president of Poland step in to defuse a Fake News story about his wife supposedly snubbing President Trump on stage.

“It demonstrates the clutching at straws, the desperation of the mainstream media complex,” Gorka said. “The president, our president, was absolutely right. He Tweeted a few hours ago that the Fake News media will never cover him accurately, but then he added, ‘Who cares? We will continue to Make America Great Again.’”

“It just demonstrates how bankrupt – you know, we’ve had eight years of oleaginous sycophancy from the mainstream media for the Obama administration. They still can’t psychologically deal with the reality that was November the 8th,” he said. “This is how they try to maintain their sanity. But it’s irrelevant, because that’s not why the president was elected.”

“We’ve had the Russia hoax – and it is a hoax – for now more than five months. That’s failed utterly and completely, but they can’t move on. It’s that codependency of the unhealthy relationship, where the mainstream media is not prepared to understand the reality, and they will continue to peddle their fake news,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter to us, or to the people that elected Donald J. Trump president,” Gorka declared.

He said Trump’s widely praised (and, in certain quarters of the left, bitterly denounced) speech in Warsaw was the work of both the president himself and “supreme wordsmiths” working for the White House.

“We were leveraging the themes, the spirits, of President Reagan at the Palace of Westminster in 1982, also the Brandenburg Gate in 1987,” Gorka said. “It was a reaffirmation of our values as a nation, but also the values that we have inherited and vouchsafed as a part of Western civilization. We are not apologizing for anything.”

“We are in a country in Poland that stood up to, maintained the values of family, of God, not only under Nazi dictatorship but also under Communism. The church in Poland – remember it wasn’t just about Solidarnosc, it wasn’t just about Solidarity, it was also about the Church. They never bowed to Communist dictatorship,” he recalled.

“We joined shoulder to shoulder with our Polish comrades and we said, ‘We will triumph. Western civilization will triumph, will prevail. We have a new dictatorial, a new totalitarian threat today, and that comes from radical Islamic terrorism. We’re going to be clear about the threat and clear about who we are, and we’re going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with great nations like Poland,” said Gorka.

Marlow observed that Trump went from a warm reception in Poland to chilling “Welcome to Hell” fascist and anarchist riots in Germany at the G20 summit. “Even for Germany, which has consistently been on the wrong side of history, this is an incredible contrast versus Poland,” he said.

“Those demonstrators, they have a right to demonstrate in a democracy – not to destroy property, not to hurt people as we saw yesterday,” Gorka responded. “I think it’s a symptom of a broader problem Western civilization has suffered from. It’s the meeting, the conflict, between the values we inherited and the effect of Utopian idealistic ideologies that may have been called Communist or socialist in the past, but have remasked themselves.”

“Whether it’s the ‘watermelon’ of the environmental movement that is green on the outside and deep, deep red on the inside, or whether it’s these really fascist anti-globalists, or what they call anti-globalist movements, it demonstrates one thing, Alex: President Reagan was right. The loss of liberty is always but one generation away. Those who lived it, myself included, we may believe we had won in 1989 when the Wall fell, but sooner or later these ideologies – like the zombies of The Walking Dead – come back, and they undermine our prosperity and our freedom,” he warned.

“It’s a constant battle, but we are proud to fight that battle,” said Gorka. “Under President Donald Trump, as he said yesterday – I think the most important line from that speech is, ‘The West will never, ever be broken.’ Our values will prevail, and our civilization will triumph, whether it’s against jihadis or whether it’s against the so-called Antifa that are more fascist than anything else.”

Gorka quoted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to set the stage for President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20: “He said our nation and Russia, we are the two most powerful nuclear nations on the planet today, and as such we really should have better relations.”

“We would like to have better relations. That’s what we’re aiming for,” Gorka said. “We have some areas of common concern, not just terrorism but North Korea now, also stopping the bloodshed in Syria if possible.”

“But the president is walking into that meeting, as he does every meeting, with his eyes wide open as a pragmatist,” he added. “He’d like to have better relations with the Kremlin, but Alex, to be honest, that depends upon the Kremlin right now. The ball is in their court. We will see how much they want to improve that relationship today.”



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