Gorka: Trump Will Call Out Venezuelan ‘Dictator’ Maduro Like Reagan Called Out Soviet Evil Empire

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro holds a national flag during the closing of the campaign to elect a Constituent Assembly that would rewrite the constitution, in Caracas on July 27, 2017 on the second day of a 48-hour general strike called by the opposition. Venezuela's opposition called for a nationwide protest …

Deputy Adviser to the President Dr. Sebastian Gorka, formerly national security editor for Breitbart News, discussed the dismal Venezuelan dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro with SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

Gorka complimented the work of his successor as Breitbart News national security editor, Frances Martel, in following President Nicolas Maduro’s descent into brutal dictatorship.

“What’s his endgame? I don’t talk for the man, but he is a dictator. He is, simply, another piece of evidence that Francis Fukuyama was totally wrong in 1991 when he wrote his famous article and his book The End of History and the Last Man,” Gorka said of Maduro.

“There was this idea that we’d won the Cold War, we’d defeated the Soviet Union, we’d defeated the Nazis in World War 2, therefore ideology was dead and the future of mankind was simply tinkering with the buttons on the graphic equalizer of market democracy,” he elaborated. “Well, Francis was absolutely wrong. Ideology isn’t dead.”

“What I’d like to remind people of is, if you look around the world, there is a connection between regimes such as Maduro’s, North Korea, Iran, and even non-state actors like ISIS,” Gorka argued. “They don’t share the same ideology. Some are communist, some are Islamo-fascist jihadists, some are like North Korea sui generis, but there is one connection: they are all ideologically committed to being anti-American.”

“That’s exactly what we see in Venezuela. It’s about the denial of all the things we hold to be sacred. The founding principles of government by the people, for the people — it’s all about denying the dignity of the human individual. What’s going on in Venezuela right now is the denial of the dignity of the human individual,” he said.

“As such, we have asked all the leaders in the hemisphere to join us in putting extreme pressure not on the people of Venezuela, but on the individual leaders and members of that administration,” Gorka said, stressing that the White House officially views Maduro as a full-blown dictator.

“This is a president who will not skirt around the edges,” he said of President Trump. “He won’t shy away from addressing the realities in the world. When we see evil, we will call it out. We’re not going to make excuses. We’re not going to talk about the last administration’s concept of upstream factors, root causes, and sociological mumbo-jumbo. The fact is evil walks the Earth, and in the case of Venezuela, that is an evil regime, and he is a dictator.”

“We are sending a signal to the world. Just as President Reagan was prepared to call the Soviet Union an evil empire, we will call out the head of state of Venezuela as a dictator,” Gorka promised.

Kassam called out left-wing celebrity and political supporters of Bolivarian socialism, including Noam Chomsky, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbyn, Diego Maradona, Naomi Campbell, Joseph Stiglitz, and Danny Glover. “It’s become very evident, at this point, who is on the right side of history,” he said.

“As Churchill said, a man will be measured by his enemies, and if you have enemies it means that you’ve stood for something in your life,” Gorka agreed. “That is quite a list of ‘usual suspects.’”

He recommended consulting President Trump’s speech in Warsaw, where he “laid down who he believes we are as a nation, what America stands for, our civilizational values.”

“Those aren’t things to be negotiated. This isn’t about subjective opinion. Some nations in the world are a force for good, America being the most powerful one. Others are simply exploitative and wish to crush the human soul. Venezuela is one of them, and we will not shy away from stating that fact, and working against those regimes until they treat their people as they should be treated, as children of God,” Gorka declared forcefully.

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