David Clarke on Wall Funding: Deplorables Must ‘Flood Their Officials’ Offices with Emails and Phone Calls’

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America First Action spokesperson and former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke advised President Donald Trump’s supporters to pressure their elected officials to include funding for construction of a southern border wall within the next continuing resolution in lieu of a budget. He joined Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss ongoing political battles over border security on Capitol Hill.

Boyle asked, “There are tons of people out there — the army of deplorables, if you will — who supported President Trump in 2016. They still support him, today. They want to get involved in this fight. What’s your message to those people who want to do something? What do they need to be doing? How does the army of deplorables get involved in this fight?”

Clarke replied, “What’s important; job one is getting this wall funding in this continuing resolution. So they need to flood their elected officials’ offices with emails and phone calls. That stuff matters. I’m telling you, right now, I’ve talked to people on the Hill, and one of the things that stood out is how many of them said, ‘You know what? We rarely hear from people back home.’ You know what that tells me? They’re not worried about the folks at ground level [or] what the folks back home are thinking.”

Clarke continued, “They react to public pressure. So that’s the first thing [Donald Trump’s supporters] can do. They other thing they can do is stay with this president. Help him fight. Help him push. Stay active. Stay loud. Call. Write. Blog. Take to social media. There are a number of things they can do to let this president know they’re still with him and they’re wiling to fight.

Clarke added, “It also sends a message to the other side. The Democrats, the Never Trumpers, they’re counting on people bailing on this president. So we need to make it known and very clear to those people: We’re not abandoning this guy. We’re going to stay with him, and there will be a political price to pay for you if you continue to fight this president — if you’re a GOP member — to not work with him.”



Clarke said, “It’s up to Mitch McConnell to strong-arm some Republicans. He has the Republican votes. He’s going to need every Republican to pass the bill in the Senate … to pass a [continuing resolution] with some wall funding in it. This is a long way from over. … [Donald Trump] is approaching this from a policy perspective. Schumer and Pelosi are approaching this from a political perspective. They’re trying to get a political win by denying the president a campaign promise. That’s the politics of it.”

Clarke stated, “The American people get it. They really do. When you look at the polls, it polls in the 70 and 80 percent.  People want this broken immigration system fixed. They want this illegal immigration — people trespassing into our country and setting up residency — to end. They want to stop illegal guns and drugs and gangs pouring over the southern border. That’s what this about from the president’s perspective, but Schumer and Pelosi want to play politics.”

Boyle asked Clarke for comments on the importance of a southern border wall.

“Once the mess gets into the country — the heroin, the fentanyl, and the other opiates — it’s too late,” remarked Clarke, “Once it pours over the border and it gets into these cities and major hubs where this stuff is distributed, it’s too late. That’s why we need to count on this president, and that’s why the majority of law enforcement support this president, because he stands on law and order. Part of law and order is enforcing our immigration laws.”

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