Charles Hurt: ‘Country Was Lost When Conservatives Walked off of University Campuses’

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Conservative surrender of academia corrupts the nation’s historical record, said Charles Hurt, Washington Times opinion editor and Breitbart News columnist. He offered his remarks in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow following the launch of his new book Still Winning: Why America Went All In on Donald Trump- And Why We Must Do It Again.

In response to a caller’s comments about corruption of history online, Hurt described a healthy academia as vital to preservation of American values.

“It’s the most important point of all of this,” said Hurt. “It’s the most important thing. Charles Krauthammmer used to say this, and it’s such an important point, and that is that the country was lost when conservatives walked off of university campuses [and] ceded universities to these crazy — back then they were liberals, but now they’re turned into these crazy leftists.”


Hurt continued, “As long as our education system in this country is dominated by crazy Antifa leftist nuts, we’re not going to salvage this, because …  our history gets rewritten, kids don’t learn history, they don’t learn facts.”

As an illustration of left-wing corruption of academia, Hurt noted the left’s characterization of humanity’s sexual dimorphism as an arbitrary social construct subject to deconstruction.

“My daughter is matriculating in a college,” stated Hurt. “This is a university that — I’ve never thought of it as a terribly unserious place, I thought it was one of the serious ones — asked her to fill out her gender, and she was given eight options for her gender. If you went to a veterinary school and said that you have eight options for a cow’s gender, you would fail. That’s a real problem: eight genders.”

Chasing the left’s grievances distracts from real problems facing America, assessed Hurt.

“It’s not like there aren’t important issues [and] important problems that we face as a country that need to be resolved. All of that is muted. All of the actual problems we have are shunted to the side to have these idiotic conversations.”

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