Derrick Van Orden Praises Trump, Pence for USMCA

Derrick Van Orden

Derrick Van Orden, the GOP congressional candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district and a Navy SEAL veteran, joined Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel where he discussed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Wisconsin.

Discussing the USMCA, which took effect July 1, Van Orden said it has already made a “positive impact” on dairy farms in Wisconsin.

“NAFTA was a complete disaster for us, and [the USMCA is] one of the greatest things that President Trump and Vice President Pence [have done] … [Pence is] really key to the negotiations that were taking place with Canada and Mexico,” Van Orden told host and Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle. “For the state of Wisconsin, it has been an incredibly positive thing.”

According to Van Orden, the USMCA “levels the playing field” to compete with other members on the “world stage.”

Van Orden then discussed his Democrat challenger, Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI), and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Let me tell you, the contrast between what could only be turned into a disastrous Biden administration, if he ever got in, and the current administration with Donald Trump and Vice President Pence, you’re right, it’s black and white,” Van Orden said.

“Joe Biden’s never run a business,” he continued. “Joe Biden was really proud of calling himself the coal miner. You’ve got Mike Pence who was governor, who grew up on a bee farm. We got President Donald Trump, who was a very successful businessman. That’s a magic combination.”

“He is a backbencher,” Van Orden said of Kind. “He is the longest-serving representative that no one has ever heard about because he has chosen, intentionally, not to take a leadership position, but he has chosen to be an influence peddler and that’s what he does for Nancy Pelosi. He doles out favors and does Nancy Pelosi’s bidding.”

Van Orden also stated that Kind was “responsible for holding up USMCA for over a year” at Pelosi’s request.

Throughout the interview, Van Orden also discussed his history as a Navy SEAL, of which he carried out eight deployments and five combats and said it is an “honor” to help other people. Van Orden also discussed his time in Venezuela, describing it as a once beautiful country “destroyed by socialism.”

“I can’t stress how devastating socialism is,” Van Orden said in regards to Venezuela. “I’m never letting that take place.”

Van Orden recently saved a 77-year-old woman’s life as she began choking at a hotel during an event he was attending in Wisconsin. According to Van Orden, he witnessed his friend quickly pacing across the room, a look Van Orden said he recognized from his combat experience.

Last week, it was announced that Van Orden had outraised Kind by more than double during 2020’s second quarter. Van Orden raised more than $500,000 in the second quarter.

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