Mike Cernovich: FBI ‘Completely Ignored’ Epstein’s Victims’ Requests for Help

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The FBI “completely ignored” requests for help from victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual predation, Mike Cernovich, author, journalist, and producer of Hoaxed, stated on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Cernovich discussed unsealed court documents released on Thursday in which former President Bill Clinton was linked to Epstein. He wrote, “Bill Clinton is implicated by name by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims as having been at Pedophile Island”:

Cernovich said, “What troubled me most so was how these victims have reached out to the FBI repeatedly [and were] completely ignored. 

Cernovich added, “I think that when you go through these files in detail as I have, you’re really looking at the FBI and wondering what exactly was the FBI’s role in all of this stuff with Epstein.”


Cernovich assessed the FBI’s political corruption of a similar variety as is seen in much of the news media.

“It’s absolutely Deep State,” Cernovich determined. It’s, in a way, heartbreaking to see the FBI ignore these women who are asking them, ‘I need to take action. I need to do something. Do you have any files? Can we talk completely?'”

Cernovich continued, “The FBI had that picture of Prince Andrew as far back as 2011. The FBI never demanded Prince Andrew be interviewed. They covered that up. So when I read this, I see an FBI that either ignores victims of human trafficking to protect powerful Democrats or they’re complicit in it and they’re taking more active measures. I don’t know how to know how you read these files and think, ‘I would go to the FBI about anything.'”

News media broadly ignore and suppress revelations related to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, noted Cernovich.

“It’s stunning that post-Me Too, we’re still in a Juanita Broaddrick era where the media will actively cover up misconduct by powerful Democrats,” Cernovich concluded. “We see it in real time now.”

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