Lauren Boebert: 2020 Election Is a Choice Between ‘Freedom’ and ‘Government Control’

Lauren Boebert
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The 2020 general election is a choice between “freedom” and “government control,” assessed Lauren Boebert, the GOP candidate for Colorado’s Third House District, offering” her comments on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Joel Pollak.

Boebert defeated Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) in the Republican primary June 30.

“We were outspent ten-to-one,” said Boebert. “We defeated [Scott Tipton] by nearly ten points, and it was the first time in 48 years here in Colorado that an incumbent has been defeated in a primary. So the people really spoke up. They’re ready for a strong leader, and they’re tired of DC politics as usual. We elect officials, they go to DC, they become out of touch, and they overregulate, overspend, overtax, and destroy everything that we’re back here at home building.

Boebert continued, “[The people] spoke very loud and clear that they want a strong leader in office.”

She described her Democrat opponent, Dianne Mitsch Bush, as “far-left”. “She’s taking the Biden approach. Right now, she’s hiding in her basement.”

“It’s a very scary world out here in Western Colorado,” Boebert quipped. “So she’s not really talking to the people, but I’m doing grassroots rallies  and meeting with folks, and it’s just so energizing. The momentum is tangible. People understand that we are in a battle now — more than ever — for the heart and soul of our country, and they realize that we need to step up and have a voice in this. because if we’re silent we lose by default.”


Boebert reflected on the politics of her upbringing.

“I was raised in a Democrat home,” said Boebert. “My mom believed the lies from the Democrat Party. She believed that in order to raise her five children, she needed government assistance, and we suffered under those failed policies. There was never any incentive for us to bust out of that. We were always stuck — just barely getting by — so government could still help us, and when we moved from a rough area in Denver to the western slope of Colorado, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to us.”

Boebert highlighted the dignity of earning one’s way as a conservative value. “I got my first job at the Rifle McDonald’s, and I still remember bringing my mom home that first paycheck,” she recalled. “There was pride attached to that. There was empowerment in it, and I saw from a very young age that I could do a better job taking care of myself than government ever could. I’ve been bringing that same message to women at the Fairfield County Jail for seven years, giving them a message of hope, that they don’t have to live down by their past mistakes. They don’t have to live bound on government dependency [or] government hand-outs. I was there to give them a hand up, show them compassion, bring them into my home, offer them jobs. That is what is more powerful than any government program, and now I am the American Dream.”

Boebert continued, “I didn’t have every opportunity growing up, but I made my life a success. My husband Jason and I have built a tremendous home together, a family together. We are raising our four boys, and we’re raising them to be men, to be strong, independent leaders, not dependent on anyone else. We are teaching them to put their hand to something and see that work prosper and have pride in their work.”

“Now, I get to create jobs and sign the front of paychecks,” remarked Boebert. “This is the American Dream in action… [Democrats] are terrified of me, because I was supposed to be one of them. I was stuck in their cycle of poverty under their failed policies and I busted out, and glory to God, I am never going back and taking the same message of freedom to everybody.”

Boebert’s restaurant, Shooters Grill in Rifle, CO, has all of its waitresses open carry a firearm.

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