Exclusive— Michael Malice on ‘The Anarchist Handbook’: ‘We Should All Rejoice’ that ‘Gatekeepers to Culture’ Are Losing Power

Michael Malice
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Michael Malice, host of the YOUR WELCOME podcast and author of The Anarchist Handbook, urged freedom-loving American patriots to delight in what he says is a slipping grip on power held by the “gatekeepers to culture” and a growing public appetite for dissident content.

Malice discussed The Anarchist Handbook on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“One of the things you guys talk about a lot [and] something I discuss a lot is that what has formally been gatekeepers to culture are now strongly losing their approach to prominence,” Malice said. “It’s a very exciting time for people who love this country. It’s a very exciting time for people who love freedom. … There’s a huge audience out there for people who are hungry for independent creators who are making it happen, and we should all rejoice that this is the case right now in America.”

Malice remarked, “The accepted definition [of anarchy] is no government.” He noted that left-wing anarchism’s opposition to hierarchies is at odds with the human condition, given the organic nature of some hierarchies.

He explained, “If you want to have the left-wing anarchist version in the European tradition, it’s going to say, ‘No hierarchy.’ I personally don’t understand how that is possible. The term ‘pecking order,’ for example, comes from nature. So inevitably — [some] people are natural leaders — there is going to be some semblance of hierarchy, though whether that is voluntary or otherwise does place a crucial difference.”

Anarchism just means voluntary human relationships [and] voluntary cooperation,” he added. “When you have that, when you are engaged with something because you are choosing to, you are making a commitment to make that relationship work.”

He determined, “Freedom means I do what I want, not what you want, and there’s no reason whatsoever why representatives have to be someone you’re opposed to. It makes no sense even by the definition of the term ‘representation.'”

Malice alluded to the non-aggression principle associated with libertarianism. “Anarchism just says, ‘Our goal is a society or an area … where everything is done voluntarily and not imposed on you by illegitimate authority,” he held.

He continued, “Anarchism can be reduced to one sentence: You do not speak for me. Everything else is just application.”

Marlow reflected on Malice’s critiques of malevolent political exploitation of the concept of “unity” in furtherance of coerced conformity.

“It seems like there’s a lot of rejection of the idea of unity throughout [The Anarchist Handbook],” Marlow said, “which of course I love. I think the idea of unity is totally bogus, and it is used by authoritarians.”

Malice replied, “When people talk about bipartisanship and consensus, that is the vision of every dictatorial state: a group of people who all think identically.”

Law enforcement enforces immoral law, Malice noted. He envisioned a stateless society with decentralized free market policing.

“How do you abolish the police?” Malice considered. “Look, these are the people who take money from Gretchen Whitmer to tell you you can’t see your mom on her deathbed. So, let’s realize that these are people — just like everybody else — who are doing a job, and there’s no reason the market can’t do it better than what we have now.”

Growing public awareness of governmental abuse — partly driven by an increasingly abusive government — offers an opening for growing popular subscription to anarchist philosophy, Malice assessed.

“I think this path we’re on right now is not realistic, and I think anarchism — which is a free society — is much more realistic,” he said. “There’s several mechanisms [to facilitate anarchism]. One is technology to make it difficult — if not impossible — for the state to impose its views on the population — things like crypto addresses, to some extent. The Internet addresses censorship to some extent; it’s very hard to censor things whether you want to or not.”

He went on, “Two is — and Trump did this very well — having increasing derision both as a group and individual for those who work for the government, and who are its agents. Recognize these people are not your heroes — they will take their paycheck over your children at the drop of hat — and treat them accordingly.”

Anarchism’s possible political future in America becomes more likely as political discourse degrades through the use of “social media,” Malice assessed.

“Thanks to social media, having political discourse is increasingly difficult, which is also very useful because you don’t want to have people [getting] idea that they’re in a position to tell you how to live your life. You want to be able to shut down political conversations before they even start. And that way, we can kind of break down the system and move toward a freer one.”

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