Milo Don’t Know Jack

Milo’s recent attempted hit job on me — “Jack Hunter: Anatomy of a Cuckening” at Breitbart — was a response to what he considered my attempted “takedown” of him at The Daily Beast with my piece, “Meet Milo Yiannopoulos, the Appealing Face of the Racist Alt-Right.” I really wasn’t trying to demean Milo. I still think how he takes on the extreme left is great and hilarious. “Social Justice Warriors” are a plague on campuses across the country. But I did want to warn young libertarians about the true nature of the alt-right.


Libertarians for Bernie: A Dangerous Delusion

The answer is “no, of course not,” and anyone who tells you different is selling some potent snake oil. Socialism is the deadly and implacable enemy of liberty, which is what libertarians are supposed to care about. The notion that a raving statist loon who thinks the national debt should be doubled again could be embraced by libertarians threatens to unravel libertarianism as an utter fraud.

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Rise of the Cultural Libertarians

A new force is emerging in the culture wars. Authoritarians of all stripes, from religious reactionaries to left-wing “social justice warriors,” are coming under fire from a new wave of thinkers, commentators, and new media stars who reject virtually all of their