Exclusive — Jack Brewer: ‘Cyborg Generation’ of Fatherless Kids ‘Getting Raised by Cell Phones’

Jack Brewer, former safety for the Minnesota Vikings, speaks during a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021. Donald Trump will speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Campaign conference in Florida, his first public appearance since leaving the White …
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Fatherless children in the modern era are like a “cyborg generation” and are uniquely vulnerable to moral corruption pushed via mobile digital devices, former NFL player Jack Brewer warned on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow.

Brewer, chairman of the America First Policy Institute’s (AFPI) Center for Opportunity Now, highlighted the vulnerability of children raised without fathers to dysfunction and tragedy, including violent criminality, educational underachievement, and suicide.

“This is the cancer of America, unfortunately, and I say that as a true American patriot who loves this country,” he said. “I’m a great-grandson of sharecroppers, and this country has allowed me to live a life that 99.9 percent of the world would never get opportunity to, and I praise God for that. The Bible teaches us that we should defend the fatherless … [and we must] serve the fatherless and the widows and the troubled, or he will hit the earth with a curse, and I think we are experiencing that curse right now.”

He continued, “When we look at spaces like Chicago and Philadelphia and St. Louis, and even Memphis, Tennessee, and Jackson, Mississippi — so in towns you would never think of, you have, literally, children shooting children daily.”

“You look at our juvenile system, I experienced a lot of time in our juvenile system, and I mentored them and I ministered to them, and now we have the biggest spike of home invasions – armed home invasions –  that we’ve ever seen from kids between 14 and 17 years old,” he added. “All of these kids – almost 95 percent of these kids that are doing these things, committing these crimes in our streets – are fatherless, and you think about having over 70 percent of black kids born without a father in the home.”

Brewer remarked on left-wing domination of American public schools, noting that fatherless children are particularly vulnerable to the harm wrought by “transgender” ideology.

He stated, “You have white kids, now, are three times more likely not to have a father in the home than four years ago. It’s unbelievable. It really is, and it’s a sick thing, because obviously it allows the vulnerability for these children who are making decisions a lot of times that they’re not capable or mature enough to make. There’s no one holding them accountable. There’s no fear of God.”

“You have a school system that’s promoting this liberalism, gender confusion – they’re sexually confusing these kids – and that’s why you have the world today [as it is],” he said.

Brewer said a colleague of his used the term “cyborg generation” to describe legions of children raised by and socialized via cell phones.

“One of my program directors … he actually served time in prison and got out, reformed his life, now going to the juveniles in the prisons, and he’s convinced that we have a cyborg generation,’ he shared. “He said when you’re talking to a child, now – most of them are fatherless – they’re on their cell phones over 50 to 60 percent of the time they’re awake – not looking at anything that’s positive to them, and they’re getting raised by these cell phones, and that’s why we’re seeing so much of what’s happening in our streets.”
The “cyborg generation,” Brewer warned, amounts to a national problem and political priority requiring remedy.

“We really do have a problem, and it’s going to take our full society being committed to a cultural change in order for us to do something about it,” he emphasized, “because our fatherless kids are 71 percent of our dropouts. They are 85 percent of our behavioral issues for youth. They’re over 90 percent of our teen suicides.” Brewer also said he was pursued by the “deep state” — including the FBI and SEC visiting his home and news media derision of him and his family — after his public support for President Donald Trump.

He recalled, “The way that I was attacked, and the way my family was attacked, and the things that people have said about me, and the way that the media has covered those things — I mean, listen — they sent the FBI and SEC knocking at my door after I started supporting President Trump, an investigation that I’m still paying the price for it from legal fees.

“I understand what the deep state does,” he continued. “I understand how that’s done. I don’t even talk about these things very often because God has blessed me to be able to overcome it for the most part, but it is real, and it’s a sick thing, because when you start to really dig deep, you see that that the media will promote people that are literally teaching our kids to sin, teaching our kids to do things that are unrighteous.”

Brewer concluded by contrasting how popular cultural institutions target children with depravity while condemning moral examples and leadership.

“I could be a hip hop artist telling our kids to carry guns, shoot people, sell dope, and I’d be loved by the media,” he said, “but I could be a preacher for the gospel of Jesus Christ as a black man, a man of God, a family man that’s going around helping the fatherless, the most vulnerable juveniles, homeless people, helping to start programs across the country, and they treat me as if I’m what they call an Uncle Tom and hate black people.”

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