John McEntee, former director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office during the Trump administration and founder and CEO of The Right Stuff, told Breitbart News on Thursday that many of former President Donald Trump’s political appointees were “NPCs” who would “cuck” when challenged by left-wing pressure campaigns.

McEntee said most of Trump’s appointees were politically aligned with the 45th president’s vision but lacked strength of character to persevere when targeted by hostile political and news media forces.

“For the most part, the three or four thousand political appointees, most were pro-Trump,” he said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “The problem was not that they were against Trump. The biggest problem is that they’re NPCs, right? They’re non-player characters. A lot of these people just want to build their resume, give West Wing tours, go to the White House Christmas party. They’re in fact, pro-Trump, but it’s strictly superficial.”

He added, “So, when the game is on the line and it’s time to actually ban diversity training, they cuck. That’s the problem.”

The former White House official said political appointees mostly prioritize their careerist ambitions within the framework of D.C.’s dominant left-wing and partisan Democrat political environment. He said they “cuck” in the face of leftist intimidation operations as a defensive reaction to protect their future prospects within the nation’s political industry.

“The problem is, a lot of people are in these [political D.C.] circles, and then, when the game’s on the line, they cuck,” he emphasized. “A lot of [political appointees] are just going through the motions, rather than actively undermining an agenda,” McEntee stated. “They’re just going along to get along. They’re just doing whatever the civil service says.”

He continued, “The bigger problem is making sure people are actually active when they’re pro-Trump and actually want to do the agenda part, instead of just the resume-I-got-to-get-a-White-House-souvenir part.”

McEntee recommended political recruitment of “strong-willed” talent from outside of Washington, DC, among those without long-term ambitions to ingratiate themselves among the ruling class and its orthodoxies.

“I think people just need to know — which they probably do going in — what they’re in for,” he remarked. “The type of people that are going to have to come in might have to be younger. They might have to be single. … It’s a tough environment … If you get fresh blood from outside of D.C., that will be less of an issue.”

He concluded, “Changes can be made. It can be done. You just need those right people.”

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