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DePaul Makes Panicked Statement As Facebook Rating Hits 1.1


DePaul University has released a statement on its site and Facebook page as its rating reached a rock bottom of 1.1 stars, after horrified members of the public took to the site to slam the university’s handling of a disrupted talk given by Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

As of today, there were over 7,700 1 star reviews, compared to just 140 reviews giving 4 stars or higher.

In a statement posted on DePaul’s official Facebook page, the university claimed they are “are reviewing all of your posts, comments and messages, and sharing those with university administration regularly. Believe us when we say that your concerns are being heard.”

DePaul also linked to a message from University President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider about the incident, in which he apologized to the College Republicans, but failed to say sorry to Milo, the guest speaker.

In the statement, Holtschneider wrongly claimed that Yiannopoulos claimed homosexuality was “entirely a choice,” and disputed his claims concerning the wage gap and place of white males in society “in light of government data.”

He also added that he “realises that many of yesterday’s protesters hold similarly noble goals for a more inclusive world for those traditionally held aside by our society.”

Holtschneider also praised the University’s safety team, which Breitbart financed. We are officially demanding our money back on the grounds of their gross incompetence and failure to secure the safety of one our leading contributors.

Users remained unconvinced by the president’s apology, with one saying that DePaul secretly took pride in the students who shut down the event, and another arguing the university “silenced a gay conservative on purpose.”



Other incidents at the event besides Milo being threatened by a Black Lives Matter activist Edward Ward, included the journalist Rebel being jailed overnight for attempting to film the protests.

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