Triggered! Twitter Staffers Run to Police After Breitbart News Crashes RNC Booth

Milo Twitter

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Twitter staffers complained to police officers after Breitbart editors demanded answers from them about free speech on their social media platform.

As fate would have it, both Twitter and Breitbart News have media booths across from each other at the Republican National Convention media hall.

The two dynamic tech companies happily shared space during the first two days of the Republican National Convention, but after Twitter scornfully expelled Breitbart News Editor Milo Yiannopoulos last night, tensions rose considerably during day three of the Republican National Convention.

Twitter staffers gazed silently at the Breitbart media space and paced back and forth in the hall uncomfortably as Breitbart reporters cycled through the convention.

Tensions escalated, however, as Yiannopoulos stood up in the middle of a Breitbart News livestream broadcast and walked over to the Twitter booth to demand answers.

“We’re not doing interviews,” the staffers replied as the newly debuted Breitbart News “shame cam” followed them around.

After Yiannopoulos left, pitbull political reporter Boyle pestered the staffers for more than eight minutes, asking them why they decided to axe the Breitbart star’s Twitter account and whether they supported the principle of free speech on their platform.

That was enough for Twitter, who promptly reported the hostile activity to the police on media row.

“A Twitter employee complained to cops on media row about Mathew Boyle and Milo after aggressive questions from both,” reported Daily Caller reporter Alex Pappas on Twitter.

Stay tuned tomorrow for day four of the convention and for the future of the red-hot tensions between the two parties.


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