Black Panthers to Milwaukee Official: ‘You’re Going to Have Carnage’

Black Panther Meeting

Milwaukee’s leader of the Black Panthers met with the city council president to discuss changes he wanted to see following recent violence on the city’s north side where a black man was shot by police.

“Milwaukee is in dire conditions, and we need to change it,” King Rick said to council president Ashanti Hamilton. “We need to change it by any means necessary. When we’re negative in so many statistical categories for African Americans, you’re going to have mayhem. You’re going to have carnage, and you’re going to have chaos.”

Hamilton promised the leader that he would address the issues by investing in quality education that leads to greater economic opportunity, WISN reported.

“Our commitment right now is to try and get some control over what’s happening in the neighborhood. We want some peace and calm in that neighborhood,” Hamilton said.

Meanwhile, a new trend shows that further radicalization is happening within the leftist grassroots movement.

While Black Lives promotes community outreach, the movement #Fuck 12 promotes civil unrest and violence.

Breitbart previously reported that #Fuck12 is a social media movement that promotes a “burn-it-down” philosophy where “kill the police” rhetoric and pictures of police beheadings are all too common:

…during the most recent civil unrest in Milwaukee now memorialized by #MilwaukeeUprising, social messaging related to abolishing the criminal justice system and policing as it is known were prominent sub-trends communicated among BLM and #Fuck12 rioters on the ground.

It is unclear whether or not King Rick is demanding the changes that #Fuck12 is demanding.


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