***WATCH*** Milo At Texas Tech: ‘Why Do Lesbians Fake So Many Hate Crimes?’


Today Milo will speak at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX in a discussion entitled, “Why Do Lesbians Fake So Many Hate Crime Hoaxes?”

The talk begins at 8:00 PM EST (7 PM CST) at the Matador Room on 15th Street & Akron Avenue, Boston Ave. The expected crowd is around 200 people.

If you live near Texas Tech and want to attend, you can acquire tickets for the event by visiting this link.

This is the fist stage of the second leg of Milo’s “Dangerous Faggot” tour around America’s college campuses. Past events brought numerous bouts of chaos, including the infamous red paint debacle at Rutgers University, the stage storming at DePaul University, the Trigglypuff temper tantrum at UMass, and many more.

Now equipped with a fabulous new tour bus, Milo is set to trigger even more campus snowflakes.

You can watch the event via livestream below.


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