Milo Launches Website To Help Twitter Users Acquire Their Personal Data

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Breitbart Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos has launched a website to help Europeans request their personal data from Twitter. 

The website helps users write their own “Subject Access Request” letter, allowing European Twitter users request all of the data relating to their Twitter account, a request that the social media company must comply with according to the EU Data Protection Act.

“Twitter’s lurch to the regressive left has become stark over the past year. A platform that once billed itself as the “Free speech wing of the free speech party” now regularly caves in to demands from left-wing activists and celebrities to censor other users.” the website says.

“This censorship is carried out with virtually no transparency. Users are not informed whether they are being monitored, shadowbanned, or otherwise censored by Twitter. When they are openly punished by the company, all they receive is an automated email with no right of appeal. However, if you live in Europe, there’s a way to learn more.”

The site then provides users with a step-by-step guide through the process of creating a Subject Access Request.

Once the Subject Access Request is filled out, users much attach a small money order to the letter and mail it to Twitter’s European offices in Dublin, Ireland. The company has exactly 21 days to respond to the request under EU law.

With Milo aiming to have at least 10,000 European residents request their personal information from Twitter, the company’s staff could be working overtime in the near future to fulfil each request.

Milo has already filed a Subject Access Request for his own data, although Twitter is doing its best to wriggle out of their  legal obligations.

If you’re a European citizen, you can visit for a step-by-step guide on requesting your data from Twitter. 

Lucas Nolan is a conservative who regularly contributes articles on censorship and free speech to Breitbart. Follow him on Twitter@LucasNolan_ or email him at


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