Milo Reads American Muslim Poll Results: ‘A Lot of Bad Skittles in the United States’

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Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos read out a series of shocking poll results on American Muslims during his speech “10 things I hate about Islam” at the University of Central Florida tonight, concluding that there are “a lot of bad skittles in the United States.”

“In England, 52% of Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal, compared to 5% of the general population” he continued. “And this isn’t just in Europe. It’s here in America, too.”

“Every immigrant group — except for Muslims — believe that they should come to a new country to make their lives better. To come to integrate, and to enjoy the fruits of the new country they have arrived at. Only Muslims, it seems to me, want to import their values and turn the countries they go to into the hellholes they came from. America cannot go down this road. You cannot do it here.”

Referencing the Center for Security Policy’s 2015 poll on American Muslims, Milo then continued to read out the shocking statistics.

“30% of American Muslims believe it is legitimate to use violence against those that insult Islam” he stated. “25% of American Muslims said that violence against Americans can be justified as part of global jihad.”

“51% of American Muslims want to be allowed to be governed by Sharia Law” continued Milo. “And here’s my personal favorite: 33% said that sharia should take precedence over the constitution if they clashed”.

“That’s a lot of bad Skittles in the United States” he concluded, to claps and cheers from the crowd of students.

MILO quotes are from prepared remarks.

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